Monday, May 14, 2007

If I had a song....I'd sing it in the morning...

In response to Lime's question on the Airplane Jane video post: "You've got a song?"
Let me explain.....

So…I met this singer-songwriter a few years ago. I’m sure I’ve told you about him: lyrics ta knot yer knickers in a twist and all…

Don’t believe me? Check these lyrics out:

….I had to go
to a foreign shore
and though you’re far
I feel your arms
Around my heart.

I give to you my only dream
It’s all that I live for
Just close your eyes
And don’t you cry
Cos’ I’m with you…..
My Only Dream, by kien lim, 2004

Whoa!” I thought, “what incredible lyrics. This guy is deep….”

I mean, doesn’t that song just scream love and devotion? I’m thinking it’s about some guy who goes a zillion (times 2) miles away to build a life for his love and himself… I just had to know (yes, inquiring minds and all) –

“Tell me,” I begged and pleaded, “Give me the back story? Who’s it about? Or is it too personal?”

“Well, ya’ see,” he responded, “it was inspired by the deaths of a bunch of Chinese cockle famers that drowned.”

Yes. Drowned
Drowned….but called home to China to talk to their loved ones before they died…..

(see why we refer to him as “dark pop?”)

Now….flash ahead a few months….to the summer of 2005.

“What’s it like to skydive?” questions the troubadour.

“Why?” I respond, “Do you wanna jump?”

“Well….I’m not sure. But I’m wanting to write a song about flying…..and skydiving….”

Several emails and much begging later (patience is not my best virtue), I received this in the mail:

Motorhead can't hesitate
A paralytic mind will find her dead
She stole a ride with the morning sun
From the edge did she fall
Into a dizzy spin and a passion born
She found her name far above the clouds

She is flying

With the sighing savior of the skies
So glorious
Is this golden dayOf faith

Scatter her soul to the wind
The rush of the world is beckoning
A score and oneHundred miles per hour

And as horizons fill her mind
Serenity and peace abide
No bitterness
No more lonely lies

So glorious
Is this golden day of falling free
So gloriousIs this amber day
She found her home
Within a dream
Of blue reality
Saviour of the Skies , by kien lim 2005

Okay, okay – but Motorhead is so much better than Motormouth – which he threatened to change it to….
And come on – dontcha just luv the bit about finding a name above the clouds!?!?

So yup – even if the whole thing ain’t mine, this is my song – I’ve claimed it. I don’t think there’s any hidden tragedies within – no dead cockle farmers, no suicidal roadies, no tragic vacation junkies.

At least I don’t think so....

Egads, kien, please don’t tell me if there is.

I love the song just the way I hear it: happy, serene and peaceful….and all that at one hundred miles per hour.

Blue skies ya’ll,


lime said...

WOW! those are indeed some powerful lyrics. he took me there, i was freefalling with you. ok, off to watch the vid...

Anonymous said...

Hey APJ, thank you kindly. No, no person or animal were harmed in the writing of the song.... none that I know of anyway. Cheers, Kien