Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am back from my trip "home." Dad was better than I had expected -- which was a blessing. He will not get better -- this I know. I am happy that he was well enough to go out for lunch....and to sit and joke and talk.

But I want to share Lincoln with you. Too many people assume too much about the midwest. And we all know what ASSUME-ing makes of you and me...

Upon arriving in Lincoln, one of the first sites you'll drive by is the University of Nebraska's football stadium. Although it may not look impressive on the outside, the stadium holds more than 85,000 screaming Big Red fans--making it the third largest city in Nebraska on any given HomeGame saturday.

One of my favorite aspects of Lincoln is the preponderance of parks! The city has more than 99 miles of trails and 114 parks (covering 5000+acres!) There seems to be a park within a walking distance or stones throw from most neighborhoods. Here is one that is a short stroll from my house.

Ahhhh!!!! You want to see the house of APJ? Wait no futher -- here you go. This two-story Colonial Brick house was built sometime around WWI. Even though it is young in age -- it does have a ghost. The ghost resides in the Moon Room(upper right window), APJ's bedroom was the lower right window. Ghost did have contact with three of the six children - me being one of them.

But that's a story for another day.

Come -- folllow me to the Kitty Walk. I think it was called the "Kid's walk" because it was the path for children through the park on the way to the elementary school. "Kid's Walk" became "Kiddie Walk" which became the"kitty Walk." These imprints have been there since I was in high school!

But I want to show you two of my favorite things down in the park.....hurry!

First - here is the memorial marker for my Aunt Jane. She was a teacher (hmmm) at the elementary school nearby. The marker sits in front of this memorial tree. That vast sidewalk you see is all that remains of the railroad track that used to run through town. It now is one of the longest stretches of bike path in any major city.

In fact, bikes play an interesting and integral role in the city. In 2003, the a public art project was undertaken with amazing results. Here are a few of my faves, but please go and look at the other 69 bikes created.
I hope you enjoyed my quick trip to Lincoln Nebraska......home to so much more than corn.....

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Life on Pause

Leaving today for Nebraska -- to see the folks. Dad's health is the same---and will not get better. And so, I go home as often as possible -- and say goodbye each time I am there. I used to spend my holidays "home" catching up and visiting with old friends. Now, I don't want to spend those minutes away from my family.

Of course, my folks have no internet, or ::shock:: computer. So I will take my trusty PC Tablet down to the schoolyard and steal their signal.

Luv you all-- and thanks for all the patience with my wobblies(yes, I'm talking to YOU. YOU know who YOU are). I know I'll be more of myself when I return.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Paolo Nutini

okay--gotta share one of my new faves. Only nineteen years old......

Monday, July 16, 2007

Space....the final frontier....

Sorry, sorry....been a bit distracted as of late. Brain is fuzzy, more so than usual. So.....I've decided to get some spring cleaning done. Yes, I know: IT'S JULY!!!!! But cor, it's gotta be spring somewheres, yea?

Erynn vacated her room four years ago when she left for college-- and removed her furniture two years later. I decided to convert that space to my office -- as it is ever-so-slightly larger than the other room.

And yes, it took me two years ::gasp:: to totally finish it all. I left the walls the color it had been(canary yellow) because her artwork looked smashing against. Course.....she's taken most of her work south with her....

But anyways -- I put in the floor myself-- supposed to look like slate. I like it because it doesn't show the dirt.

I wired the light too! One of the things I learned from Voldemort: Green is ground, white is neutral, and other colors are hot. Or is it white is hot and green is cold? Whatevah --I just know to GO TURN THE BREAKER OFF before starting to match the little wires to each other with the little barrett cap thingys. Please don't be scared -- as many things as I've wired in this house, I must be doing it correctly....
But here my pride and joy: My craft armoire. Built by me -- from a kit, of course. Still -- it took me 6 hours to assemble, much of that time sorting the bolts, and screws, and nuts..

--sorry, sent myself to the store--
and Voila! It is done! Now I can put my sewing machine, scrapbook stuff, and other crafty things into it (and out of kitchen cabinets and bedroom drawers)and close it up when necessary.

I have now moved onto cleaning my closet. I was trapped in the closet earlier this evening, buried, groped and attacked by the hangers that were breeding on the floor. (You do know that that is how there ends up being so many on the floor, right? Hanger sex!). Yup, trapped in the closet can make you a little bit crazy.....just ask Tom Cruise.
::rim shot::
Thank you.....and goodnight!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


no....I haven't fallen.....and yes I can get up. But, I still need some assistance. Seems I've been telling all that I'm gonna do a show at the do I must.

But what am I gonna do!?!?!?!?!? Can't seem to convince either Steve or Marcel to write me something fab -- both seem to think I've got my own story to tell.

Actually, Marcel has a great idea for me -- but I think it'll have to wait till the following year -- more on that later.

So, I've gone back over my blog, found some of my favorite stories -- okay, fine, quite a few of my stories! Please go over HERE and read some of them, and let me know which ones YOU like. Then I may be able to weave them into some sense of a show worthy of the Rogue.....

Monday, July 02, 2007

For Erynn

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Princess Erynn. She lived in a castle with the Queen Mommy and the King Daddy. And her best friend was a baby dragon.

From the time she was almost three, all the way up until she was seven or so,this is how her favorite bedtime stories started. Princess Erynn and the baby dragon --who never aged, and often resembled Emily the Dinosaur (with wings, of course), had some great adventures. Of course, the storyteller would weave in messages, morals, ethics and love (loads of love) whenever/wherever she could. When Erynn suffered nightmares, Princess Erynn showed the baby dragon how bad dreams could be beat. Friends made Erynn cry? No problem: Baby dragon taught Princess Erynn how to forgive. The Queen Mommy battled an evil Warlock that kidnapped the fair Princess, and the King Daddy bravely faced a hundred snakes (Voldemorts' biggest fear) to bring Princess Erynn and the baby dragon home when they ran away.

Often, when she would have friends spend the night -- Erynn would make me work them into the story too. Princess Erynn, Duchess Taryn and the beautiful Lady Brandy rode unicorns and rescued forest creatures from the red bull (yes, yes, I stole part of that one from The Last Unicorn. What can I say? I was tired that night!).

"The castle is too cold. Too cold and silent! I must get out!" the Queen Mommy said aloud as she made her rounds. Evenings were still the best time for her -- She could walk the Keep, and not worry about the whisperings and sideways glances of the nobles and peasants. Nerves and concerns diminished with each deep breath of the cool country air. "How could I ever possibly leave?" she asked the trees. "Just over there is where Princess Erynn found the lost ponies. And you," she challenged the mulberry, "do you remember the hours she and the baby dragon spent in your boughs? Ah, the orchard: depending on the season, you were either a haunted forest, a winter wonderland, or an Easter eggstravaganza!"

A smile touched the corners of the Queen Mommy's lips as she went into the castle. She drew her wrap tighter around her shoulders, and curled up next to the fire. As she dozed off, she heard a familiar voice.
"Mummy I love you."
"I love you too."
"Mummy, I love you three."
"Sweetie, I love you four."
"But Mummy, I love you more. Please tell me a story. Please Mummy, please?"

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Princess Erynn. She lived in a castle with the Queen Mommy and the Queen Daddy. And her best friend was a... a baby dragon...."