Sunday, July 27, 2008's that time again.

August, once again, finds Jayne heading
CAMP SURF!!!!! Tomorrow morning I will board a charter bus with 24 teens and 4 adults, and head to Imperial Beach, just south of San Diego.

This is one of my favorite things to do - body boarding. I think it is easier than surfing (duh), and just as much fun. Except for that time when the big wave flipped me and the tip of my board planted on the ocean floor, and I ended up with a HUGE bruise. But last year was my first time (gasp! a virgin!) at surf kayaking: catch a wave and ride it!

I keep wondering when I'll be too old for this fun shit.....all I know is that I ain't too old now...

See ya' dudes and dudettes... I'm gonna go catch some gnarly waves, get salt in my hair, and sand everywhere else.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hot Condoms!!!!

okay....I confess:
I thought it was gonna tell me what kind of condom I was.
so imagine my surprise when it came back, "hot sauce."
"Hot sauce condoms!?!?!?" I internally retorted, "that sounds downright painful!"

Then I realized it was "condiment" not "condom."

In my best Emily Litella voice, "Nevermind."

You Are Hot Sauce

You are the life of any party, because you're so good at bringing people out of their shell. I say "life of the party" you say "scene stealer." Whatevah. But seriously.....I don't hang out with snails. I don't eat them either. NO amount of hot sauce can make slimey be yummy....and talk about food touching! I mean, they kinda ooze all over and touch every--
'scuse me....I think I just made myself a little sick...

You have a knack for helping people happily embrace their true selves, as long as they're not snails....

You are ambitious, driven, and fearless. You love taking risks. Yup! I am a risk taker! As long as it doesn't involve my food touching...

Your taste in food is 100% adventurous. Correct again! long it's not touching each other...

You're up for sampling any exotic cuisine or someone's kitchen experiments. Correctomundo! As long as it's not touching...

You live for trying new things, and you get sick of eating the same food (even if it's very delicious), and, again, as long as it's not touching...

Friday, July 18, 2008

I love summer camp!

It is amazing to me that even though I grew up as a military-brat-on-the-move, I am blessed that as an adult, I am able to go to the same camp that I went to as a kid. Come along, and see how I spent last weekend.

Okay -- first let me tell you: my hair is up all weekend, and I have no makeup. This is unusual for me. I don't wear alot, but I do feel nekkid without it. Let's move on, before I start noticing how dry and wrinkled I am...

Now....this concerned me immensely.... "Holy shit!" I worried, "they've moved the toilets outside?!? And there's a him and hers?" Some of you may remember that I have some serious potty issues.......I was relieved to find that I could relieve myself inside. These were just....extras.....
One of my...."jobs" is to take the group on a hike. In years past, we've done Big Baldy, Little Baldy, Big Meadow, Tokopah Falls, North Grove Loop. This year, we decided to return to Crystal Caves. It was always a favorite of mine as a kid, and I've done it as an adult numerous times.

The cave, you perves, the cave.
To access the cave, you take a 1/2 mile trail down. Here's a couple shots along that trail. Yes....that means the hike OUT of the cave is all up hill. I hate uphill. But there are some lovely things to look at on the way down...and up.
Finally, you reach the mouth of the cave....and the 48degree breeze blowing out of it feels so good!

We waited about 20 minutes for our group to begin. We were told to not touch....but this sign invited us to touch. ::sigh:: talk about mixed signals. (Lawdy, lawdy, and with all my talk about caves, and ups, and downs, and mouths, etc. I so was wanting to touch something....) Mixed or not, touched or not, into the cave we went. Crystal caves was discovered in the 20's, and was the first (and only) cave in the Sequoia National Forest open to the public. For those of you who live here, and those of you who don't, I recommend this to everyone. If you want me to take you, tell me. I love this one!

There are some beautiful sites close to our camp, one being Eagle Trail. It was aptly named because it was an Eagle Scout's project. It makes a circle around camp, through meadows and big trees, and contains floral and fauna that I wish would grow in my own yard. After finishing my hike, I snapped this shot of the moonrise.

And, of course, no camp is complete without a group shot. Here you go -- both then (1975) and now (2008).

Saturday, July 05, 2008

HALLELUJAH , (shrek song)

The first time I heard this song, I was moved to tears. Allison Krause and k.d. lang do versions that are fantastic. But I think this has got to be my new favorite rendition. These guys are awesome.

For whatever reason, YOUTUBE is being difficult....
here's a link:

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not my fault......

Courtesy of Lime.....
What the Beach Test Says About You

You tend to be a very social person. You live for your friends and family. You can get social burnout occasionally though. You aren't a total extrovert.
Yes....and when I am socially burned out and hiding, my good friend Lecram makes sure I don't hermit too long.

You have cold feet when it comes to love. You have a lot of uncertainty until you convince yourself to dive right in.
Why and how the frick does bloggy things always bring up my love life!?!?!? Hey...I have no problem with the diving long is it's out of a plane...

You are deeply passionate about several things in your life. You're not passionate about much... and the few passions you have are truly obsessions.
How can I be deeply passionate about several things and not much at the same time, PLUS have obsessions. thing you'll be trying to give me a Facebook intervention.
Your sense of humor is goofy and silly. You are good at making almost anyone laugh.

What Your Flip Flops Say About You

You are hopeful and romantic. You love many people and many things.

You aren't unrealistic, but you do imagine things in the most ideal way possible.

You are a dreamer. If something exists, you've probably thought about it.

You don't think about what is, you think about what could be.

Your ideal warm weather place: Fiji
Huh? I'm sorry, did you say something? I was just lounging here in my flipflops daydreaming about how wonderful my upcoming Fiji vacation with George Clooney will be.....

You Are a Halter Bikini

You're an athletic girl with a hot athletic bod to match.

And you've got a great tan, probably from all those beach volleyball games!
Well......bloggy things can't get everything right, eh? But seriously, I WOULD choose surfing and bodyboarding over reading a book at the beach. ..

You Should Spend Your Summer at the Beach

You're a free spirit who is always thinking of new ways to have fun.

And you don't just love summer... you live for it.

So, you really should blow off your responsibilities and head to the beach!
Sold! I am a free spirit (or at least inexpensive). I live for the summer (as long as I've sunscreen). I am ready to blow off Responsibilities (whoever that is) if he will take me to the beach.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Here I go again....

...24 days to remember how this thing goes.....