Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

This Week's Love Horoscope

Dr. Horoscope? Are you there? What's the forecast for a Scorpio this week?

Scorpio Sign, Symbol

Well, APj, it seems that powerful feelings will produce an tense emotional atmosphere this week.

I've had enough of tense, thankyouverymuch. and emotional, for that matter. How 'bout we just give Jaynee some atmosphere this week?

Yes, yes, the urge for change excites some people but can make others feel insecure.

Okay, you lost me a bit with "urge," "change," and "excites." I kinda went-to-the-store-

Geez, I wish you'd stop interrupting. It is a very bad habit-


There you go again! Sometimes your behavior tends to be.....extreme. This...impulsiveness....can lead to a sudden love affair or an unexpected battle.

Wait a fricking second -- I know, I know - "I'm interrupting." But, seriously: you're giving me a choice between an affair or a battle? WTF!?!?!? I mean, how does that play out: "Hi, my name is Jayne. Take me to the store, or die."

-Jaynee, whether you're attracted to or repulsed by someone, the intensity is unlikely to last.

So whichever it is, it fizzles....that sorta sucks....

You could be in the mood to experiment later this week.

Now you're talking!

-as vivacious Venus is heating up your 5th House of Romance while Mars, your passionate ruling planet, is pushing against the Sun.

::sigh:: vivacious. heating up. passionate. pushing. guessed it: APj is running down the aisles of the store!

There are no halfway measures now, Scorpie. Your powerful emotions can take you to the limit and beyond.

To Infinity and Beyond!

No, wait....I think that one's taken already.

Okay all -- I'm ready. Love or Battle, bring it on.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm Back!

Amazing....the difference between how we perceive ourselves, and how the almighty BlogQuiz sees us...

My superpower is "cuddles!?!?!?" WTF!?!?!?!?
I am so done with using my power for good.....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

So Hard to Say Goodbye

**Warning: Tearjerk Alert**I remember the day 18 years ago when he came to live with me: so tall, proud, and terrified. "What an oxymoron," I thought, "just like me: he only looks brave on the outside." The first time I rode him off the property he got frightened by: the mailbox, a for sale sign, a field pump, a bunny rabbit, and a shirt hanging on a clothes line. When a flock of birds flew out of a bush as we made it back to the house, he'd had enough. He stopped, looked over his shoulder at me, and begged me to carry him home.
Impossible, not only because of his weight, but his height. He was 16-3. That's 16+hands -- so tall that getting up on him was not always the easiest.
And smart: I only ever had to show him something once. He never forgot it: side pass, open the gate, back or change speed on a voice cue. Smart, but stubborn too. He refused to take a right lead - no matter how hard I tried to make him. Personally, I think he thought he was Secretariat (who also refused to take the right lead). Damn race horses!

Yes, Rio was originally a racehorse. He did well enough his first year, that he raced for another year and a half. I've shared the story of my pounding victory over Voldemort, but Rio loved to run just for the sheer pleasure of it. Many a leisurely stroll through the grapes culminated in us streaking through a just plowed field: him, reliving some past victory, and me, just trying to keep the tears from forming in my eyes as we flew across the ground.

Each year became harder and harder on my friend. I stopped riding him about three years ago -- he just was too thin, and his legs bothered him too much. But we still walked: he would follow me around the property, help me when I gardened, etc. Friends and neighbors gawked, smiled, and laughed at the sight of this tall old man following me around like a puppy. A 1200 pound puppy.

During the Rogue, Rio suffered a minor stroke. He had difficulty moving, and lost interest in eating. Daily and hourly I agonized over what I should do -- finally leaving the decision to my vet -- who has cared for Rio the entire 18 years I've had him.

Yesterday morning, Rio and I shared our last breakfast together: an apple. I sat in the field with my old friend, stroking his face, smelling his neck, and nuzzling his ears. I thanked him for his friendship, his love, and his ability to make me feel as if I were flying. And then the vet came, and I kissed him (one last time), and said goodbye.

Sorry to leave you with such a sad one - but it needed to be written. Yes, I know I did the right thing, and I know he's in a better place. But I'm still sad. Thanks lecram, kien and katie for all your love.
I leave in the morning for my annual trip to Mexico to build a house. It is good for me to get away. I promise to write something more upbeat upon my return

Friday, March 07, 2008


Peeking through the stage door, I’m surprised by 101 peering eyes
Waiting for me. Whose bloody idea was this!?!?!?” I seethe. Breathing deep (and putting on my big-girl-pants) I step onstage. “Did ya’ll really come to hear me talk about sex?” I challenge, "or do ya’ simply wanna go to the store with Airplane Jayne?”

I have two words for you. And no, they aren't, "You Suck."
although I have been know--
but wait, this is not about that -- this is about my Rogue Show. My two words are, "Sold Out." And not "sold out" in that caved in to the material world way - I mean "sold out" as in "holy-shit-what-the-hell-are-all-those-people-doing-out-there" kinda way.
So my sold-out-wednesday show led to me getting this:
Holy shit...
But seriously, I am having a blast (even if I'm a wreck for twenty minutes before I go on stage). I'm getting some nice press also:

Mia Paschal (one of the most talented performers I have seen): This funny and moving work boasts subtly solid writing, and a very strong performance.

Solitaire: the connection she made with the audience during her performance allowed everyone to root for her and be on her side, and when she talks about the divorce papers my heart broke

Eric (yes, yes, it's long...but theres' some good stuff there!): you want to just hold her so the lights don’t sting her eyes, realizing that she’s priceless
-and she’s only three feet away.

Steve: Out Standing! I was amazed her first excursion into writing and solo performance. WEll written, confidently performed and wonderfully entertaining!

**Tune in here later to see what Steve wrote to Drew...You remember Drew, yes? From here.**

Dear Drew,
Well, it did go down and I mean down. I was shocked to see 20 people in the audience, then realized she took your advice and packed the house with PTS Iraq veterans......

....So it seems a group of recovering alcoholics wandered in and, hearing Jayne go on, just assumed it was an AA meeting.

...Anyway, Jayne attempted to explain it was NOT an AA meeting:

"Sir, this is not an AA meeting. And Iam not an alcoholic."
"Sure, Lady, that's what they all say. You're in denial."
"No, I'm in the Rogue."
"Call it what you want; it's still denial."
"No Sir! This is my show!"
"Yes, it is. But it's customary to let others speak at these meetings, you know."