Friday, May 09, 2008

Boyfriend + Girlfriend = Quiz

Okay - this is rather strange.....My niece sent this to me. "Haha!" I laughed, "I certainly am not going to do this...."

And then my friend Katie-Did MySpaced it.

"Hmmmm....."thought I, "maybe it's a sign...."


1) Taken or single
Single. Not that I want to be mind you, although I think my fear of being taken a)to the cleaners b)for a ride or c)for a fool contributes to my continuing singleness.

2) Do you like it?
Depends on the context. Single woman with two closets? Fantastic! Single woman waking from a scary dream? Not so fantastic

3) Would you still kiss your ex?
No. And if any of you see me kissing Voldemort, please assume that he is using dark magic and PLEASE come and rescue me!

4) Have you ever had your heart broken?
Where the f#x$ have you been living? My heart, although healed, is still fragile.

5) Do you believe certain circumstances where cheating is okay?
On a diet? yup! On a mate? not no way, not no how. Never.

6) Are you missing someone right now?
Yes. And that is all I'm going to say.

7) Do you Want children?
Errm....well, I have a one, and I was married to one for 20+ years. No, I don't want anymore, thank you.

8) If yes how many?
What part of "no" did you not understand?

9) Would you consider adoption?
Do I LOOK like Angefrickinlina Jolie?!?!?!? No, No, a thousand times no...... ummmm.....unless Brad Pitt comes along with the package.

10) If someone likes you would you want them to tell you?
Gawd, yes. I am so tired of beating around bushes...strike that. I am so tired of finding out weeks/months/years/decades later that "So-and-so really liked you." Just tell me! "Hi APj! I like you!"

11) do you want someone you can't have?
I did....but I'm getting over it. Actually, I think I've gotten over it.

12) Do you believe in celebrating Anniversaries?
yes. I especially love it when someone else remembers it before I do.

13) Do you get butterflies around the one you like?
Yes. And they fly round and round in my stomach, and then exit: either up, as a burp, or down, as a....well, really, do I have to say it? :)

14) Do any of your Ex's still have feelings for you?
I don't care.

15) Have you slept at a boyfriends/girlfriends house?
Are you frickin' kidding me!?!?!? A Sleep-over? Is that an invitation? What should I wear?


lime said...

but if we have a sleepover we could do each other's hair and nails and talk about boys ...

KFarmer said...

and sneak beer out of the fridge then jump out the window and go exploring.... ;)

airplanejayne said...

and find boys....


Anonymous said...

oh and the first one to go to sleep will get lipstick all over her face!!! LOL...

OK APJ... too funny!