Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Surf Quickie

I leave for Nebraska on Monday to see the folks, and want to get a few pics up on my surf trip.
First, I am lucky to be alive.
First, I got attacked by a HUGE octopus. Remember that one in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? It was THAT big -- it pulled me off my surf board and wrestled me to the bottom of the ocean. I am amazed I got away.
Don't believe me, eh? Look for yourself! Okay -- SOME people said I just got clobbered by a killer wave. But I'm sticking with my story -- it is much more exciting.

I will have to wait for pictures of me surfing and body boarding (why is it so hard for me to remember to give my camera to others?) -- but here's a few I managed to get on my camera.

Here is me with one of the teens I took down. Be very afraid. Actually, he's a really sweet guy....he just has really sharp and really pointy hair.

We went bay kayaking and surf kayaking. "What are the similarities and differences?" you ask. "Easy," I respond, "in both, I am the person in the back. However, in
Bay kayaking:

No Waves.

whereas whilst Surf Kayaking
Big waves that try to kick your a$$, but don't stand a chance, because, after all, you are, AirplanefrickingJayne.
'nuff said.


lime said...

oh my stars, apj, you and i should never go to the beach together. we'd surely drown....i relate a wave clobbering incident of my own today. have fun in nebraska and a safe trip to and from. :)

lecram said...

with those bruises... the sex better have been good.

KFarmer said...

I believe you.. I hope you had octo burgers later ;)

Anonymous said...

Are you sure those bruises aren't from the hottie life guard that came to save your a$$?? ;)