Sunday, August 09, 2009


Surely it isn’t possible to have mistaken
heroin for oxygen?
Someone as intelligent as I
Could not be trapped by
Such an obvious slight
-of-hand…Breathe in, breathe in,


Of course! It is not possible to have mistaken
heroin for oxygen.
These ideas and dreams that have sprung to life
-this absence of strife
-this abundance of goodness…
A deadly addiction!?!?
Don’t be asinine. Breathe in, breathe in.


Surely it is not possible that I have mistaken
heroin for oxygen.
The skin I’m in
is healthy; wallet still wealthy
If this were drugs of a
dangerous faire,
(As opposed to simply normal air),
wouldn’t I cease to even care
about the state or fate of either?
Breathe in, breathe in


This cannot be!! It is impossible to have mistaken
Heroin for oxygen!
…but I’m getting no satisfaction from the air
As it tears through my veins…
…and I’m in constant anticipation
Of my next inhalation…
-which never seems to have the depth
of my previous breath.
Breathe in, breathe in


Surely….it isn’t possible….


Have I mistaken
heroin for oxygen?


Mintzworks said...

Did you write that shit????

Holy crap, you and your multi-talented self.

No wonder you're holding out on men - you're too good for most all of us.

Kien Lim said...

Yes, it is possible.......

Kien Lim said...

.......but for the grace of God...

airplanejayne said...

Steph - yup, I did, and thanks!

kien - yup, and yup.

Anonymous said...

loves you!!!

Cosima said...

Intoxicating post! Love it