Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reflections - and Happy Chinese New Year (late, I know)

Here is Corinne, a year after coming to live in Virginia.
Just thought I'd share my latest picture with you. Just got a Christmas card in the mail
--yes, I did say Christmas -- I'm not the only one in my family that suffers from procrastination!
--as I was saying,
a Christmas card in the mail from my sister and her family in Virginia. Of course, it included current pics of both my nieces and my nephew! But I just have to share the pic of Corinne. Some of you may remember that I went with my sister and her family last January to China to get Corinne. She has changed so much in the year - but her smile still melts my heart. I can't wait to see her this spring or summer.


Lelly said...

What a total sweetie!

Lelly said...

You know APJ, if I wasn't going to Copenhagen with the girls that weekend I would seriously consider going to the Rogue!
Maybe next year... (and you are seriously welcome to visit us here...anytime!)

Solitaire said...

She's adorable!

I titally understand the procrastination... I'm the queen at it now, I haven't cleaned my room since I moved in at the beginning of the year... eek!

Solitaire said...

Oops... I meant totally.. HeeHee

KFarmer said...

What an absolute angel! I could just tickle and plant kisses her cute little cherub cheeks. -"sigh"- I need grandchildren...