Thursday, November 23, 2006


I'm in Nebraska, visiting my folks for the holidays. My Dad is not doing well -- but is doing better than many expected. It is hard to see him struggle for each breath -- but he still makes me smile. My Mom gets frustrated, but still loves him.

And I am cold!!!! It is 40 degrees outside -- and I am sitting down at the schoolyard stealing their internet signal.

There is so much that is wrong in the world, in my country, in my neighborhood, in my family, and in my home. But there is so much we all have to be thankful for. A good time to pause and give thanks to parents. For showing me grace in the face of adversity. daughter, Erynn. For showing me that even though I mess somethings up, she isn't one of them. students. For showing me daily that what I do has impact and effect on them. Rogue friends. kien, Marcel, SSM, Mustang, Kowboi. You pick me up when I'm feeling down. Roguish chica's. Cindy, Nic, Rachel, Katie, Kamotion. rock. Must have an outing when I return. blog buddies. Kamotion (who actually fits in the two catagories above), Kfarmer, Lime, and SGL. thanks for all the great and encouraging responses.

It is frickin' cold and my fingers are freezing. Gonna go back to Mom's and eat. I'll be back in CA by Saturday.

Love ya'll lots...



Anonymous said...

Love you too APJ, you make me smile. I'll keep good thoughts for your family. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and come home safe!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving APJ, to you and your family!

I am sitting in shorts on the balcony in HK, but would rather freeze my ass off in cold Berlin and be with all my family. Family is the best, even if they drive you crazy sometimes :).

lecram sinun said...

So drinks on you when you get back huh? lol!

Embrace these times with the family and we'll see ya when you get back. :)

lime said...

awwwww. great list. hope you kept your tsail from freezing and had a wonderful time. safe travels back home. i'm thankful to have crossed bloggy paths with you too!

Anonymous said...

hey, catching the post late.
I'll be praying for you with your folks... by now you've returned.
-there's a funny thing about cold outside... it reminds you to appreciate warmth inside (both, you know, temperature, -and with those who love you...)
--Here's to sweaters and coffee, (hope you had a safe trip back.)

The Scribe said...

I was just passing by and wanted to say hope your holidays were good. Stay warm.
The Boomer Chronicles

KFarmer said...

It is indeed a wonderful time to pause and think- and be thankful. Hope you got home safely and have by now gradually thawed out.

Happy Holidays APJ- many bountiful blessings to you :)