Friday, January 18, 2008

55-Temper, temper

Grabbing the barstool with one hand,
She launched it towards the window,
Knowing shattering glass would silence and cease his assault.
It spun.
lazysusan-like on the floor, feet away from its target.
“Did that feel good?” he sneered.
“No,” she calmly replied, “But this will.”

She picked up the second stool, and let it fly.

I have been known to have a temper, although I think I do a pretty darn good job of keeping it in check. But this was one of my more “inspired” outbursts:

Voldemort and I were having an argument. Now, being one of six children, I know how to argue: you get your turn to say whatever you want, I don’t interrupt. And then, it’s my turn. Of course, it was my turn, and he kept interrupting, shutting me down, telling me I was wrong, etc. And then he would keep going – like it was his turn. WTF!?!?!?!? Suddenly, the quiet rage descended upon me, and I could see clearly the path to take. The vision showed that if I threw the heavy iron barstool through the window, he would be so startled that he would stop yelling and it would be my turn.

Well, it really was very logical in that quiet rage moment.


KFarmer said...

I will agree and have been known to toss a few things myself~ The last good one? Before I knew it a lead crystal ashtray was zinging through the air at my 17 year old son's head when he WOULD NOT SHUT UP after I repeatedly told him to go to his room and be quiet. It's a good thing he ducked. It was also a good thing he left shortly there after for college :)

Boys, men, humph.. some just never know when to hush. Good one apj ;)

lime said...

sometimes you are pushed to it. i remember my kids arguing over who got to use a mug with dolphins on it. they would.not.stop. no matter what i did. finally i wrested it from their hands and dashed it to the floor and told them the problem was now solved. no one got to use it ever again.

Katie :) said...

when i am in a rage i always feel im right.. the after math- sometimes changes my mind.
but rage is very very rare these days.
its amazing what happens when someone you hate (even at the moment) pushes buttons

Akelamalu said...

Great 55 but you actually did this????

Mine's up.

Little Wing said...

I am here by way of Flash and akelamalu.
I LOVE the way you think, great 55!!!!
Sometimes they just push the button tooooo long!

Toadee said...

remind me never to cross you.

In fact never cross a scorpio. period.

S said...

Just, yeah, one never knows when a barstool will come in handy for throwing so always keep one around!

smarmoofus said...

Ohhhhhhh!!! *frustrated* I hate it when people don't fight fair! You're right to (want to) throw stools around. It's so aggravating when you don't get your "turn".


mintzworks said...

Toadie understated the point.

Never EVER EVER EVER cross a scorpio.


oooo, have I ever been stung...

airplanejayne said...

kfarmer - boys/men need to hush. good point.

lime - dead dolphin. DONE!

katie - I am happy that your happy buttons are being pushed.

akelamalu - yup. I really did it. I also once folded a hula-hoop...

little wing - sometimes you just wanna say, "get your hand off the button!"

toadee - it takes a lot to get me there, but yes, it is ugly when I'm there.

s - perhaps it should be an Olympic sport?

smarmoofus - I am so glad you get the whole "turn" thing -- it is so frustrating when they don't!

mintzy - yup. don't cross me. ever. :)