Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ew-Ee! Ew-Ee Baby!

Tomorrow, I leave for my cruise. You never know what will happen, who you'll meet, etc. But, it seems that Google knows I decided to ask Google about my cruise.

Mr. Google, what will it be like for Jayne on a cruise?WTF!?!?!? That's not a cruise ship -- maybe it has cruise missiles, but it is DEFINITELY not a ship. Although a missile might be kinda fun.
But I digress. I will rephrase the question:
Mr. Google, it's a CarnivalCRUISE! Not Carnival in Rio, you meathead. I'm getting a little frustrated. Now. Just. Listen. It's a Carnival Cruise, got that?
On the Elation.

Yes. You are right. He looks very happy. So happy, in fact, that he may just have a woo--

But wait--you're getting me sidetracked, again! Okay....let's just forget the whole boat thing. Obviously it's not your forte.

How about this: what will Jayne do for entertainment at night?

Okay - this actually does sorta kinda resemble something that I might do. 'cept my bunny is not blue. ever.

Okay my peeps! I am off on my sea adventure. I will try to blog from the boat...


lime said...

LOL, happy cruising with the bunny!!!

KFarmer said...

You just go ahead and "hop" to it and have a wonderful adventure :)

Hope to read some sea side reports and sea some pics :)

Flash said...

well, Google don't know crap about your tip, but I hope you have a fantastic time!

See you when you get back!

Jay said...

I hope you're having ffffffabulous fffffun, my sweet!

Sarah said...

google really didnt want to help much did he?