Tuesday, March 17, 2009

APj Smackdown

Sometimes I forget that I'm a 48 year-old woman.
Not necessarily a BAD thing -- for example, if I were on a date with a hot 32 year-old, and he made me forget that I was 48 -- GOOD THING.
Brawling with thugs? Not a GOOD THING.

We had finished striking all the Rogue sets and lights, and were heading for Rogue Storage. I saw something fly through the air and hit the brickwall of a store. My sister thought it was a skateboard, kicked by one of the two teenagers walking on the sidewalk.
It. was. not. a. skateboard.
It. was. a. puppy.

I made a face, and that is probably where the incident would have ended.


One of the teens squared up on the cowering puppy, kicked and started swinging.

And APj metamorphosed into The Hulk.

Brakes and tires squealing, I threw my seatbelt off, and leaped from the car,
"Motherf#c!ker! Touch that dog one more time, and I'll kick the sh!t out of you!"

He stopped swinging at the dog -
And started walking towards me
saying, "You dint see nothin' b!t#h! You dint see nothin' "

By this time, he and his friend are right in front of me -- and I'm realizing that he is at least 4 inches taller than me --
--but hey -- I'm a whole hell-of-a-lot crazier than him -- so I walk right up to him, jab him in the chest and retort, "Yeah? I saw the whole thing, a##ho!e! You don't --"

At this point, he and his ugly thug friend started backing away, with a "whatcha gonna do, b!tch? whatcha gonna do?"

"What am I gonna do?" I pulled out my cellphone, "This, A##ho!e!" and dialed 9-1-1.

Yes, yes, I know - I should have taken a picture with my cellphone. Damn adrenaline. And yes, yes, I realize (in hindsight), that this was not the smartest move I've ever made.

But I'd do it again. Yup. I'm crazy that way.


lime said...

yeah i did that when i saw a group of teens beating up on a little kid. things ended but i do realize it could have gone very differently. glad your crazy effected the desired results and things didn't get uglier.

Katie :) said...

OMG Jayne.
I would have kicked that kids ass. What is wrong with people!

Anonymous said...

Good thing you were there!!! OMG! Ugh... thug punk kids make me sick!

KIEN LIM said...


Mintzworks said...

Brave and foolish. Exactly my lifestyle.

Good for you. Friggin' Punks.

airplanejayne said...

lime - me too

katie - I wish you were with me. Where's my Rogue Beeatch when I need her!?!?!

sol - kicked up the heart rate.

kien - or reckless?

mintzy - yes. and yes. and yes. Umm...and no -- stop thinking what you're thinking. right now. stop.

KFarmer said...

When we play red rover, red rover, i want you on my side :)

I'm glad you are okay~ so glad. Those punk ass bastards are cowards but in their own little small world, they rule by numbers. You did good :)

Aileen Imperatrice said...

You are and forever will be my hero! I am haunted by the lead up to this story and have to let it go before it completely destroys me emotionally over and over again, but on behalf of all animals and the people who worship them THANK YOU!!!!!.
Now on to other things, I admit I haven't had enough time to check in with and read from my favorite bloggers over the last couple of months, what with the Rogue thingy, but I'm glad I did today. LOVED those YES PHOTOS! We have got to make sumo wrestling a part of everyday life somehow. Oh by the way, I had a fun start to my week with an exercise in identity. Huh? What? Check my blog to see what I'm talking about http://ashtreestudios.net/info/?page_id=61