Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I like dreaming....

Some of you remember my friend, Steve from this exchange. He and his much-better-half now reside in Sweden, and are planning their nuptials for this summer.
-yes, yes, they do everything backwards: child, move followed by a wedding, instead of wedding, move, and then child. A beautiful child, Anja, by the way, whom, you may recall, knows her Auntie Jayne quite well

I plan on traveling to Sweden this summer, and the trip has been on my mind, and, obviously, in my dreams, as can be seen in this email I thought I'd share with ya'll....

Dearest Steve and Kajsa,

So, I had this great dream. I'm at your wedding/moving party

- Yes, yes, you're moving
-What? I don't know!!?!?!? You just are--
--hey that's not important- remember, it's MY dream

I'm sitting at the end of the table with Anja on my left, when these two hot guys jostle each other for the seat on my right.
and here's the cool thing-

I knew they were both hot for me.

Yup. In my dreamworld, I am not sextarded.

::dances around the room::
uh-huh, uh-huh,

love, the sofrickinghot APj

ps #1 name was Michael, so he's out. Didn't catch #2's name, but he had a chest like a sailor. Perhaps he's with the.... SWEDISH NAVY!?!?


lime said...

dreams are good. ;)

Aileen Imperatrice said...

Wow, you're going to Sweden! I'll live vicariously through your stories and photos.

KFarmer said...

You're dreams are so much better than mine... I dreamed I was swinging around on a rope like a monkey, all around this big conference room last night. I will admit, it was fun but the landing was less than what I had hoped for :)

I'm so excited and happy to hear that you are traveling across the big pond~ hope you catch the ultimate fish :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the stories that come out of Sweeden!!! APJ around Sweedish Sailors... Uh-Oh!!! ;)