Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who's Your Mama?

So...sometime in March, I got a call from my friend Kate. "APJ, I've got a show for you."
these can sometimes be dangerous words...especially from Kate.

"What kinda show?"

"Well, Gilmour Floyd is doing a show at the Tower Theatre on April 11th. They're going to be recreating scenes from the Pink Floyd movie. And...and...and....well.....would you play "The Mom"?

Granted, I think I was in college the last time I saw the movie -- but I remember her as being...kinda scary.
"Sure, Kate! Sounds fun! What will I have to do?"

"Great, APJ! Don't worry. Becky will do everything.
Step #1. Becky got rid of my hair -- put it all in pincurls on top of my head. Ouch...but only a little.

Note: I thought this would be worth the pain -- that I would have beautiful curly locks the next morning. Nope -- frizzy and kinky....
- um -
Not "that" kind of kinky...

Step #2. Put do-rag on head, and loadup on the blue eye-doo.

Note: I don't know why Becky is making this face -- SHE did my face. Oh...maybe she's realizing I don't have my hair on yet.

Step #3 Hair and Costume time. 'nuff said.

Step #4. Go find my cute son. Who seems to be...quite fond bodacious ta-tas.
Ermm.....obviously, breastfeeding him for five years may have been a mistake.

Step #5. Pose with everybody else. Everybody else who was able to get ready in, like five
minutes. Me? 90 minutes. But, personally? I think I look FAB - U - LOUS!!


KFarmer said...

And you do! I love playing dress up :)

lime said...

oh the way out campy ones are so much fun to play though! you look mahvelous

Aileen Imperatrice said...

So cool. I'm sorry I missed seeing your stage performance. Let us know ahead of time when you do these things huh!? Pretty please?

airplanejayne said...

This was a blast. Aileen, sorry I didn't tell you -- I should have. What was funny was that there were people in the audience that knew me -- and didn't recognize me.