Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just another reason why....

Approximately 10 (or so) years ago, a baby Great Horned Owl fell from a nest on my property. We (the neighbors, my ex, and I) were unable to get her back in the nest - Mom and Dad were going nuts, and we were frantic trying to figure out a plan. We called "the bird lady" up in the foothills, who came down and took our baby home to nurse back to health. A few months later, she brought her back to release.

And she stayed. Over the years, she and her mate have resided here. Oh sure, sometimes months would go by without me seeing them, or talking to them.
Yes -- I said talking -- and no, I'm not crazy.

My city (and some of my country) friends thought I was nuts when I told them that my owls talked to me. When I would arrive home late, they would call to me -- her voice pitched a bit higher than her mates. I would answer back, and they would hoot once more.

This year -- they had babies. Three babies. And yes....the babies talk to me. Well, screech actually (as they don't hoot yet). I can walk right up to the tree, and they all stay. The other night, I was out talking to one of the babies, and the other two flew over to join baby huey (that's what I call the roundest one --the one that the stupid bluejays pick on the most).


lime said...

now how cool is that? way cool.

ever dissect owl pellets? it's not poo. it's stuff they hork up that they can't digest. you can find bird and rodent bones in the pellets. yeah, i'm weird.

Anonymous said...

Daw!!! So cute! It's amazing that they stayed on your property especially after being taken off, humanized and returned. :) Very Cool!!!

PS: Have fun in Sweeden!

Kien Lim said...

Good to see you have some fair feather friends! :)

Cosima said...

...and they are so big! I was surprised when you told us that the owl we saw was a baby.

How was Sweden? Happy to hear that you are back safely.