Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Reflecting upon the past year

Hmmm.... "Wot a year!"

Sure, sure, it ended with a bang, or a smash, or a smoosh. But that event has sure generated lots of conversation, emails, and blogs:
Lecram, of course, was the first to call: "Omigod, APj! Omigod! So, do you need the Roguemobile?"
SSM blogcommented, as usual, in a sonnet about, yes, Sandra Bullock.
Kien emailed that he was glad that I wasn't pancaked -- which sounded nasty and enticing all at the same time
Mustang blogged on my magnetic qualities -- he always looks to my good qualities
Lance made a connection - I'm just glad he didn't smash me with his airplane.
--hey, he's got a big plane......maybe I should reconsider.....
Lelly, my soulsister across the pond mourned my loss - but probably still won't share Daniel Craig with me.
Ms. Loo-Who called and told me she was glad I was alive, and took me dancing.
Jade Ed picked me up in the rain at the train station, AND took me to Lenny's --
err - I mean Denny's.

Wherever did I find such friends?

I'll tell ya: The Rogue.
Somehow I've found myself amongst this wonderful Roguish bunch.

I remember my friend, Superman Steve telling me that he had met this fella from Fresno, and this guy wanted him to come perform at the Rogue Festival in March 2005. "Cool! I've never heard of it, but we'll make a party of it!"
So because of Steve, I found myself at this wildly exciting Festival, meeting all these fun and talented people. How did I get in? Lecram insists that there was an interview, although I don't recall it....

All I know, is that somehow, someway, I've found myself "rogued."

Thanks to all!


lecram sinun said...

You are a welcome to this bunch of zanies!

Anonymous said...

I do not remember showing you my plane? Was it what you expected?

airplanejayne said...

lecram: luv this bunch of zanies

lance: incredible nose cone....err -- in that picture, that is!

Lelly said...

Jayne...I'm sure you could do with some compensation/commiseration after the damage done to Kermit (is it fixable?) and if I was closer I would ply you with whatever you would like to be plied with...but you aint touching my Dan! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happens.......! Glad you're onboard!