Sunday, December 03, 2006

Casino Royale

I went to see Lelly’s lover

Okay, okay, not her “real-life” one….I went to see her “if-he-shows-up-on-the-doorstep-I-get-to-do-him-without-jeopardizing-my-long-term-relationship” lover:

“The name is Bond. James Bond”

Okay – to all the critics and purists
--which, by the way – how can you be a “Bond purist?” I mean, there’s been how many Bonds? Six? Seven? Get over yourselves already.

And Bond – get over here!

::Spoiler alert ahead::

Okay – if you don’t wanna know what happens – leave now.

Did you leave? Did you stay?

Last warning…..

Hmmmm…..Money penny gets some! Yes! Money penny gets some Bond lovin’ in the movie. Fanfrickingtastic, I say. Okay, okay, her name is Vesper Lyn, but when she meets Bond on the train (hey, I warned you) she says, “I’m the Money” to which Bond replies, “Every penny of it.” (FYI -I'm stealing this line. I will say, "I'm the Money" you reply, "Every penny of it." Deal?)

….sorry, went to the store…..

Okay, fast forward over all the boring plot details, lets just leave it at Money penny, aka Vesper Lyn (what a non-Bond-chick name, eh?) rolls on the floor, in the sand, and on a boat with Bond – and what a Bond he is – all chiseled and nekkid. Oh! And there’s a scene where (::spoiler alert!::) he’s tied nekkid in a chair—

God....what a gun.....

….again, I’ve gone to the store…..sigh, Vespers getting the vapors…..

So, see? Perhaps there’s hope, eh? I mean, if the Movie’ Money penny is getting’ some, perhaps the Rogue’ Money penny….

…oh hell, I think I’ll just stay here at the store. Do you need me to pick up anything?


KFarmer said...

How about a plane ticket to Iwannagetthehelloutofdodge, USA? lol! Just kidding... not.

When I go to the store the bag boys always ask me what I forgot at the check-out (and if I remember) they go get it for me...Yes, they are well rewarded. It saves me tons on gas money- :)

lime said...

can ya pick me up a chiselled feller who wants to give me a rub down? i am soooo sore from everythign i did this weekend. lol

Anonymous said...

Could you pick me up a penny for my thoughts??

"I'm the money."

Ummmm...that is a good line!


Anonymous said...

he is bondalicious he is :)

Anonymous said...

Argh! I am envious. Still have to wait two weeks until it's going to be released here. ...anticipation is killing me.

Mustang said...

Dearest APJ...

If he is truly the sole to your shoe, the light at the end of your lamp, and the true high-speed setting to your bestest of buddies...I, Mustang, shall leave and fetch this chisled and nekkid spy-type, kicking and fussing, to you for you very own "chair play", although I would suggest a different method of encouraging conversation!


airplanejayne said...

kfarmer - yes, I like tipping bag boys also. Much more fun then tipping cows.

lime - if I find a chiseled feller I wanna keep him!!!!! but ::sigh:: I'll do my best.

adam - got a penny on deposit for you

boo - yes - he is all kinds of

cosima -- I hate waiting!!! Patience is not one of my virtues..

Mustang -- what can I say? Luv it, luv the visual (nekkid chiseled bond-age heh-heh), and luv, of course, you. Thanks for the advice on the chair play -- perhaps that's what went wrong with my last.....