Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mommy Dearest.....

So....Erynn came home for Christmas. We had a lovely Christmas eve: drove down Christmas Tree Lane looking at the lights.

Then we drove thru a neat area that puts luminarias (candles in a bag) throughout their entire neighborhood. Very, very cool. Christmas Day was good -- spent with friends. Christmas evening she and I watched A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Yes, Lecram, I agree: it IS one of the best versions around. But then again, I love anything with a muppet....
Boxing Day was spent shopping -- as is my tradition. And then it was time for Erynn to head for home.
--and all hell broke loose!

::ring ring!::
"Yes, sweetie?"
"Mummy (she thinks she British sometimes) -- what does it mean when the little light that looks like a battery comes on?"
"It means something's wrong with your battery (smart Mom, eh?). Are you out of Fresno already?"
"Is it steady or flashing?"
"It flashes about every minute or two."
"Keep driving. You should be alright."

Ever have one of those moments? I could hear the rimshot. I could feel the thunder. So (said she later), could Erynn. But "keep driving" she did.

::ring ring!::
"Yes, sweetie."
"Mummy, (not the wrapped in cotton kind), the car just died."
"Where are you?"
"I don't know! There's no signs around."
Note: now, if you were driving a car with a blinky warning light, wouldn't you kinda keep track?
"Sweetie, call Roadside. They'll come help you. Then call me back."

::ring ring!::
"Yes, sweet--"
"Mummy, I hate them! ::sob sob:: They made me walk to the next exit to tell them the name, and then they said ::sob sob:: they still didn't know-- they told me ::sob sob:: to call 9-1-1."

Note: now, first, let me say, Erynn is a truly strong and fantastic girl. She works and pays for most of her schooling, gets good grades, and basically blows everyone away with how put together she is. But she sucks at car drama.

Long story short -- I called kowboi -- or Handy Andy, as I like to call him (but only when he's not close enough to hit me). We drove to McFarland, where Erynn was waiting at McDonalds -- after a McOfficer gave her a McLift. Kowboi discovered the problem, and MacGyvered it so we could get it back to Fresno. And we almost made it! Got as far as Kingsburg before it McDied. So I called roadside, had them come get the car and tow it to Fresno. I called some of the Rogues to let them know we were returning and to meet us at Headquarters.

a big thanks, again, to kowboi. A very Handy Andy to take on a trip.


Katie :) said...

The bag area is my folks hood- it is quite beautiful!
I hate car crap- Andy does totally rock with being a helper- love him for that!
Sorry i didn't stay to see you guys- needed the sleepies!

lecram sinun said...

And if my phopne was working I would have been there to coruppt... er... meet your girl.

lime said...

so glad you have a good friend such as kowboi who can be counted on in times of need. glad all worked out inthe end.

ps...i rather enjoy the muppets too!

KFarmer said...

Car trouble really bites the big one. Glad to hear that she is okay though and you had someone to call & help. A good mechanic is hard to find-

KFarmer said...

you okay J?