Saturday, July 21, 2007

Life on Pause

Leaving today for Nebraska -- to see the folks. Dad's health is the same---and will not get better. And so, I go home as often as possible -- and say goodbye each time I am there. I used to spend my holidays "home" catching up and visiting with old friends. Now, I don't want to spend those minutes away from my family.

Of course, my folks have no internet, or ::shock:: computer. So I will take my trusty PC Tablet down to the schoolyard and steal their signal.

Luv you all-- and thanks for all the patience with my wobblies(yes, I'm talking to YOU. YOU know who YOU are). I know I'll be more of myself when I return.


Cosima said...

Have a nice trip, APJ!

KFarmer said...

Don't really know what to say APJ~ I'm sorry about your Dad, but happy that you can go see him. Be safe :)

lime said...

oh dear. safe travels dear and peace to you and your family. i'm sorry for the difficulty for your dad.

lecram sinun said...

You have an award at my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, eat yerself some of there Nebraska meat:)

Anonymous said...

P.s Best wishes to all

airplanejayne said...

cosima-trip was good- thanks!
kfarmer-safe I was
lecram-where's the chocolate!?!?
kien-meat was eat(en)-wishes were made.