Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am back from my trip "home." Dad was better than I had expected -- which was a blessing. He will not get better -- this I know. I am happy that he was well enough to go out for lunch....and to sit and joke and talk.

But I want to share Lincoln with you. Too many people assume too much about the midwest. And we all know what ASSUME-ing makes of you and me...

Upon arriving in Lincoln, one of the first sites you'll drive by is the University of Nebraska's football stadium. Although it may not look impressive on the outside, the stadium holds more than 85,000 screaming Big Red fans--making it the third largest city in Nebraska on any given HomeGame saturday.

One of my favorite aspects of Lincoln is the preponderance of parks! The city has more than 99 miles of trails and 114 parks (covering 5000+acres!) There seems to be a park within a walking distance or stones throw from most neighborhoods. Here is one that is a short stroll from my house.

Ahhhh!!!! You want to see the house of APJ? Wait no futher -- here you go. This two-story Colonial Brick house was built sometime around WWI. Even though it is young in age -- it does have a ghost. The ghost resides in the Moon Room(upper right window), APJ's bedroom was the lower right window. Ghost did have contact with three of the six children - me being one of them.

But that's a story for another day.

Come -- folllow me to the Kitty Walk. I think it was called the "Kid's walk" because it was the path for children through the park on the way to the elementary school. "Kid's Walk" became "Kiddie Walk" which became the"kitty Walk." These imprints have been there since I was in high school!

But I want to show you two of my favorite things down in the park.....hurry!

First - here is the memorial marker for my Aunt Jane. She was a teacher (hmmm) at the elementary school nearby. The marker sits in front of this memorial tree. That vast sidewalk you see is all that remains of the railroad track that used to run through town. It now is one of the longest stretches of bike path in any major city.

In fact, bikes play an interesting and integral role in the city. In 2003, the a public art project was undertaken with amazing results. Here are a few of my faves, but please go and look at the other 69 bikes created.
I hope you enjoyed my quick trip to Lincoln Nebraska......home to so much more than corn.....


mintzworks said...

eh, you know.

It's no Rockford, Illinois, but I guess it'll do.

NICE house!

I wanna hear about the ghost!!

lecram sinun said...

great stuff... you should label it for Picture Daze.

Dan said...

That was a wonderful trip to Nebraska! Thanks!

A million hugs to you and your dad.

The OE said...

Secret agents don't assume, they deduce. And then some.

b o o said...

i love your house and the haunted Moon Room *sounds scary*

the bicycle art is cool too :)

have a good weekend APJ

Myers said...

Love the bikes. Thanks for sharing.

lime said...

now listen up APJ! this post is NOT going to help me when mr lime wants to move to nebraska the next time he gets sick of PA. we (ok, i) need a post on the seamy side of lincoln!

ok, joking aside. thanks for the trip. it is lovely when people show what makes home 'home' to them. glad your dad was doing well enough to enjoy some special moments with you.

KFarmer said...

Loved the walk down memory lane. Corny, but true that home is where ever the heart is~ I can see that a big part of yours resides there :)

Looking forward to the ghost story .. :)

Cosima said...

Lincoln looks lovely! A town with parks and bicycle paths must be a good spot to be.

airplanejayne said...

mintz & kfarmer- okay, you win. Ghost story when I return from surf camp!

lecram-yes, I shoulda.argh - never enough time even though I'm schizo.

dan-thanks for the hugs.

oe- thanks for visiting! Uhhh, was that your surveillance truck parked out back? Can you take the frogs with you?

Boo - Mom names all the rooms: Birdhouse room, Moon room,cubbie hole, yadda, yadda. I'm trying to think of names for the rooms at my house!

myers & cosima -the bikes are really cool. Surprising the amount of really cool stuff to be found in the middle of the U.S.

Lime can do. You'll only hate NE if you don't live in Lincoln. Don't pick Omaha-- too many big city problems and not enough pluses.

Anonymous said...

Tres cool! Thanks! Can't wait for the ghostie story...!

Dx said...

Love the city but i really love the bikes

KaMotion said...

naming of the rooms in the home. sounds like a great idea for another post. the bikes, parks and trails look lovely. thanks for sharing that slice of your life.