Monday, July 02, 2007

For Erynn

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Princess Erynn. She lived in a castle with the Queen Mommy and the King Daddy. And her best friend was a baby dragon.

From the time she was almost three, all the way up until she was seven or so,this is how her favorite bedtime stories started. Princess Erynn and the baby dragon --who never aged, and often resembled Emily the Dinosaur (with wings, of course), had some great adventures. Of course, the storyteller would weave in messages, morals, ethics and love (loads of love) whenever/wherever she could. When Erynn suffered nightmares, Princess Erynn showed the baby dragon how bad dreams could be beat. Friends made Erynn cry? No problem: Baby dragon taught Princess Erynn how to forgive. The Queen Mommy battled an evil Warlock that kidnapped the fair Princess, and the King Daddy bravely faced a hundred snakes (Voldemorts' biggest fear) to bring Princess Erynn and the baby dragon home when they ran away.

Often, when she would have friends spend the night -- Erynn would make me work them into the story too. Princess Erynn, Duchess Taryn and the beautiful Lady Brandy rode unicorns and rescued forest creatures from the red bull (yes, yes, I stole part of that one from The Last Unicorn. What can I say? I was tired that night!).

"The castle is too cold. Too cold and silent! I must get out!" the Queen Mommy said aloud as she made her rounds. Evenings were still the best time for her -- She could walk the Keep, and not worry about the whisperings and sideways glances of the nobles and peasants. Nerves and concerns diminished with each deep breath of the cool country air. "How could I ever possibly leave?" she asked the trees. "Just over there is where Princess Erynn found the lost ponies. And you," she challenged the mulberry, "do you remember the hours she and the baby dragon spent in your boughs? Ah, the orchard: depending on the season, you were either a haunted forest, a winter wonderland, or an Easter eggstravaganza!"

A smile touched the corners of the Queen Mommy's lips as she went into the castle. She drew her wrap tighter around her shoulders, and curled up next to the fire. As she dozed off, she heard a familiar voice.
"Mummy I love you."
"I love you too."
"Mummy, I love you three."
"Sweetie, I love you four."
"But Mummy, I love you more. Please tell me a story. Please Mummy, please?"

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Princess Erynn. She lived in a castle with the Queen Mommy and the Queen Daddy. And her best friend was a... a baby dragon...."


KFarmer said...

You just brought up a lot of fond memories for me- (and hopes for future grandchildren to tell stories too) Thanks bunches! :)

lime said...

you DO tell the best stories!

lecram sinun said...

Ahhh... story post... good. The princess's b'day?

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Cosima said...

Queen Mommy is a wonderful storyteller! My son and I sometimes make up our own stories at bedtime. Let see what happens when I start off with a fearless little prince on a unicorn :)