Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Am From...

Okay....everyone has done this... but I have stolen it from Lime and Cosima. Of course, I made a few changes....cause, after all, "rules-schmules." But I'm happy with the end result -- I think it's a good reflection of me.

I am from salt, ordinary and plain.
Like Morton’s girl, always prepared for rain,
From laughing, sunny Kool-aid days
To tragi-comedic Shakespearean plays.

But I’m from simple salt, ordinary and plain.

I am from the Midwest,
Common-sense stained,
From Cornfields wind-dancing
Seeming classically trained.

Ah…I am from seasoned salt, ordinary and plain.

I am from Sunflowers, seeds and all,
Ever striving….ever tall.
And iris and crocus
Fighting winter’s chill to be
The new Spring focus.

Yet still, I am from salt, ordinary and plain.

I am from peeking at packages
(And feigning surprise),
spiders in boxes
from (clever foxes) Dad, Mom and John
for me, Lady Jayne.

Hah! Challenge me not!
for although I am salt, ordinary and plain

I am also from fists that fly to defend, and hands that hold and heal hurt.
From “a thousand times no” songs to
“I can’t let you go…..but I will.”

I am tear-stained salt, ordinary and plain.

I am from a Man who died on a cross for me, and a God who will always run to pick me up when I fall.

Embarrassed, yet (somehow) proud, to be from salt, ordinary and plain.

I am from Oz and Kansas, and every Military base between
From fruit loops, air sandwiches, and chocolate ice cream.

Yes, even though salt I am, ordinary and plain

I am from stock that is truly unique. From my brother who rose above addiction and shame and whose song makes the angels weep. From my sister whose love took us halfway around the world to bring my niece home to sleep.

I am salt, perhaps not so ordinary and plain.

How could I be?

When I am Airplane Jayne?


lime said...

that was anythign but plain and ordinary. that was really so well done. and well worth the wait!

lecram sinun said...

Can you pass the... never mind. Nicely done.

jade ed girl said...

I'm not allowed to have salt. Too much water retention.

Mintzworks said...

mmmmm....I like salt. But APJ is a much better spice.

KFarmer said...

You (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) are the salt of the earth- very well written :)

Cosima said...

Wow, wonderful :)!!!

b o o said...

when it rains it pours. love it. you're anything but ordinary :)

airplanejayne said...

lime - thanks, but right back at ya. I was truly inspired by what you wrote.
lecram - thanks for the compliment. was a compliment, weren't it?
jade - I'm so glad you're back. No salt for you!
mintz - I'm glad you like the spice. Stop touching yourself. Nasty, nasty boy. How do you know?
kfarmer - salt of the earth is good.
cosima - thanks for starting this one!
boo - thanks for thinking I'm not ordinary. I am, but thanks anyway. You, my dear, are extraordinary!

Aileen Imperatrice said...

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing this with me. This exercise is a really fun way to learn more about each other.