Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Smells

Somehow, it all fits. I am nasally-oriented.

When I was three, I put a string of glass beads (Christmas decorations) up my nose. Just because they were pretty.

Shortly thereafter, I informed my brother, Satan, that I could fit three pussywillows up my nose. He dared me to try for four.
Yup -- I could.

Middle School found me hating boogers -- mainly because they made it so hard to breathe. In the midst of a horrible cold, I thought that if I kept blowing my nose, the snot would not stay. Blow, blow, blow.
bam! The busted artery story.

It's still all about my nose...

I love smells......

1. Orange blossoms
2. Vanilla
3. Lavender
4. Chocolate
5. Clean Sheets
6. Eucalyptus Tree
7. Grass (as in lawn)
8. Ginger
9. Gasoline (I don't get this either....I maybe be a secret huffer or something)
10. Man

Well....I may need to work on the order here....


lecram said...

Oven fresh bread... totally intoxicates me.

lime said...

mr. lime and one of my girls love the smell of gasoline too.

other than that you've got a good list of smells. and i completely agree with lecram too.

to your list i'd add marjoram. whenever i cook with it i crush it between my palms, dump it in the pot and then cup my hands around my nose to inhale deeply. i am instantly back in my granmother's kitchen.

KFarmer said...

Mimosa blooms, coffee perking, fresh cut grass, starting fluid...:)

Anonymous said...

Honeysuckle defintely is on my list! :) Yummy smells!

Cosima said...

New born babies... little man smelled wonderful when he came out... and all of the things you listed.

Aileen Imperatrice said...

I guess some of my more unusual smell likes are my furry kids, (they smell like home)and the musty smell of a closet.

Katie :) said...

Gasoline is one of my favorites too

Caes said...

Oh yeah, I recently compiled a short list of favorite smells too, they are somewhat similar:

1. Gasoline
2. Tennis Balls
3. Air Conditioner
4. Old Books
5. Dank Basement

Awesome. They're in this crappy article I wrote, if anyone has time to waste: