Saturday, June 11, 2005

Salud or Salute?

"Major" Airplanejayne. Okay, Lecram has started putting pics on these blogs, so here's one. Actually, if ya' close one eye and back up, it ain't too bad!


lecram sinun said...

Has anyone noticed that we now have 2 pics of APJ with cups in her hand? Time for an intervention perhaps? :)

airplanejayne said...'s true. I have an water! And how come they always give ya water in these red cups? How come they never ask me if I want an umbrella in it? or a cherry? or some other piece of fruit?

Anonymous said...

My favourite drink!

Anonymous said...


airplanejayne said...

okay, not sure I get that last post, kien...
but still wantin' an umbrella, a cherry or somptin!

airplanejayne said...

are ya' trying to make smiley faces, or be there a drink named airplane jayne....or are ya' just being a dirty boy again?

whatever! STILL wanting some kinda toy or fruit in me glass, dammit!