Wednesday, June 15, 2005

That's Amazing!

Gosh, I do remember some dumb TV show that used that as a catch phrase: "That's Amazing!" Usually, it wasn't anything so usually was something that was just kinda stupid. But yesterday, I participated it something that was really amazing. No, really, it was amazing. I auditioned for "The Amazing Race."
Go on, giggle, laught, snort, whatever. Get it out of your system. It's okay, I don't mind! I admit it: I loved that show. Say what you will about all the reality TV drivel, but that show sucked me in. I found myself tuning in weekly to cheer on Meredith and his wife, and to boo at Rob and Amber. Cheryl, one of the teachers I work, and I would sit and strategize what WE would do in their places: "That would be so fun....what if......"
So of course, when we saw the ad on TV that there would be open auditions....we bit. Filled out the 10 page application (ugh), submitted pictures (double ugh), and stood in line for an hour.
The audition consisted of a 3 minute video (egads, those are worse than pictures: triple ugh?) of why we thought we should be on the show.
So, all my bloggy friends, on this side of the pond and t'other: be prepared! If we're chosen, I'll expect a list of your family/friends from around the globe that I can call for help when we are trekking thru their/your part of the world.
"Hi. You don't know me, but my name is Airplane Jayne, I'm a friend of --"
"Oh yes! APj! ____________(insert appropriate name) told me you might call"
"Oh good. Well, you see, we've lost all our money, because we were too slow, and got to the checkpoint last. Could you loan me some--Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?"


lecram sinun said...

Hope you get it.

Trashed said...

You go, girl

D'sheena Johnson said...

I think it's really cool especially as a 15 year-old. I would LOVE to travel the world like you could possibly get to do.I just hope that someday I can do something like that.

airplanejayne said...

hey, ya' never know til ya' try... Like I keep saying (to myself and everyone else!) this is my year for lots of new things.

Hey trashed:
cyberque in 9 days - are ya' linking up with us?