Thursday, August 04, 2005

Adventures of Buck, part 4

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Oh! What’s happening? I feel that hand, that scary-hairy squirrel of a hand, grabbing me out of the dark. I’m being lifted, back into the light. Free at last, free at last, hallelujah thank God, I’m free at last! And thank God I’m out of that pocket! Not only did it smell like elderberries – I kept getting a strange desire: a desire to be in a tree….and eat nuts……and run across streets dodging cars……and a desire to runaway with some goddess named Sandra Bullock……

But what’s this? I can hardly hear, because the music is so loud.
Bowchicabowbow. Bump, bump, bowchicabowbow.

I’m still in his hands, and yet I’m moving….swaying…..dancing….

bowchicabowbow, bowchicabowbow.

Whoa! Hello ladies!!!! What are those? I’m being lifted, almost transported towards two amazing globes. Shaking globes. That strange squirrel man is calling out “Bambi and Tweedledum! Hatcher and Bullock!”

Foolish idiot squirrel! He’ll ruin it for both of us. The amazing globes are turning to leave. I must stop them! I try to speak--I try to say, “Hello Ladies!” But I’m only a buck!! I’ve got no lips…no mouth. How can I speak to them? How can I tell them I love them?
Bowchicabowbow, bowchicabowbow

Ahhhh, yes….I’ll dance for the goddesses. So I begin to shake. I shake my groove thing. I become a rumpshaker of a bill.

Bowchicabowbow, bowchicabowbow

The amazing globes turn back. They watch my dance. Oh, be still my heart, I think they want me! They are moving towards me….

And still I’m dancing…bowchicabowbow, bowchicabowbow……

and each shake of his wrist leads me closer to Utopia. Ah yes! The road to Utopia!
And still I’m dancing – bowchicabowbow,bowchicabowbow……
The squirrel man and I are in perfect rhythm – what a team! And as the music gently slows and then dies, the squirrel man tucks me gently between the comforting globes.

And for the second time today, I smell elderberries, and I weep; for this strange scary squirrel of a man has brought me to Nirvana.

Free at last, free at last, hallelujah thank the Scary Squirrel Man, I am free at last!


scarysquirrelman said...

that was you?!?

jade ed girl said...

Check out my blog for Buck, 5...