Saturday, August 20, 2005

I'm Looking for a Hero!!!!

I remember the first time I saw the movie “Superman” with Christopher Reeves. I sat at the drive-in movie and watched Superman leap in the air, one arm raised high, and one leg bent at the knee.
“Silly Superman! That’s not how you do it!” I scolded.
“Whaddya mean, Jayne? Heh-heh, like you’ve ever flown before” retorted Chris.
“Of course I’ve flown!!! In my dreams, dummy! It’s simple: ya’ take three steps forward, one step back, and jump!”
“Sweeeeetttt. Dude, whatever you’re smoking, pass it to me.”
“Chris, are you telling me you’ve never flown in your dreams?”
“That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.”

I grew up thinking that everybody flew in their dreams. I mean, everybody in my family flew in their dreams. I had my clever three-two-jump, as opposed to a one-two step, method. My baby brother, Jason, flew by accident. He said he would dream that he was just walking along, maybe trip or lose his balance, and as he would try to catch himself, he would find himself airborne. He would then “swim” through the air. We had all lost hope that sister Julie would ever fly – but it finally happened when she was in college. Hey, what can I say? She was a late bloomer in most of the things she did in life….hell, she didn’t talk a all until she was almost three!
But my sister Joanne had the best flying stuff. See, Jo could fly in outerspace. Jo flew to other planets rescuing people and fighting evil. Jo was a hero. I remember sitting at the dinner table one evening discussing all of our flying dreams:

Jayne: So Jo, you can fly in outer space?
Jo: Yep.
Jeff: How do you breathe?
Jo: Don’t need to.
John: How come? Do your lungs change or something?
Jo: Don’t know. Just don’t need to breathe, that’s all.
Jayne: And you’re a hero?
Julie: That sounds silly: Jo the hero.
Jo: That’s not my name in my dreams.
John: Ya’ mean you got a different name in your dreams?
Jo: Yep.
Jayne: Well, what is it?
Jo. Fighter JoJo, Intergalactic Space Warrior.

I kid you not – this was sometime around the early/mid 70’s, and my kidsister is known to other galaxies as an Intergalactic Space Warrior. Fighter Jojo, no less. I was jealous. I wanted a hero name. I still want a hero name! I mean, Airplane Jayne is a cool nickname – the coolest! But a hero name…..

And so today – EUREKA! The Internet Gods smiled upon me – and led me to the
Super Action Hero Name Generator. So, in my next action hero novel that I will write, I shall be known as either Flame Gilder or Wind Pirate



scarysquirrelman said...

Princess Hunter?!? What the-???

Lelly said...

When I typed in my real name I got 'Cave Star', but if used my blog name in full (i.e. lellylelly lemonjelly) I got....MYSTERY MANHUNTER! Coooool!!!

lecram sinun said...

Rogue Quest - hmmmm.... I've been branded, dammit!

Lelly said...

...and 'quick watcher' if I reversed my name...hmmm

Lelly said...

Woah! My PILLOW gets to be 'Super Tiger'!!

Lelly said...

Hey Flame Gilder, you like quizzes?...try THE WORLD'S EASIEST QUIZ on my blog! (puh-leez?)

airplanejayne said...

SSM - hunting down a Princess - whaddya gonna do if ya' catch one -- shoot it?

Lelly -- ahhh, Mystery Manhunter and her sidekick, Super Tiger. Hunter. Tiger. Need I say more?

Lecram - what can I say? if the shoe fits (or is that if the Foo shits?) ya' gotta wear it. It is rather fitting though.....shoe or Foo, eh? Perhaps cosmic?

Me, myself - I like Wind Pirate. Ahoy me maties! Argh!!!

Captain Whiffle said...

SUPREME LASER! That's my name!
Lasing Supremes, that's my game!

Mustang said...


Wicked bad-ass leg-humpin', hippie-whippin, beer-guzzlin' cool super hero name for me!!!

Doc Cyclone...full of hot air and totally wet!! Damn that is really me baby!!

I gotta go re-monogram my shorts!


scarysquirrelman said...

wrote my name backwards this time and came up with "dutch oven". what's that about?!?

Lelly said...

Hey Jayne, you OK? Not been bloggin' for a while! Hows the throat doin? Miss ya!

lecram sinun said...

OK... you found your hero. Time for a new post.