Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ABC's of APj

Okay, I stole this from House of Lime, cause I thought it was fun.

Accent-I love to hear a British accent. I do a reasonable: British, Irish, New Orleans, Georgia,
Alabama, Minnesota, and New York. But never at the same time. Again, that whole “food
touching” thing….
Booze of choice – Wine is fine. Not much of a drinker. Mike, the owner of Starline complains
that he makes no money on me……
Chore I hate – cleaning the cat box.
Dog or cat – have cats. Wish I had dogs. Why? Please refer
to “Chore I Hate” above….
Essential electronics – do battery operated devices count as electronics? Need I say more?
Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) – Romance by Ralph Lauren. Actually, any scent by Ralph
Lauren. Could actually even be intrested in Ralph….
Gold or Silver? – both. And diamonds too!
Hometown – us military brats have a hard time with
this. Hmmmm… I lived last, and still home to my parents is Lincoln, Nebraska. So I
guess that’s it, eh?
Insomnia? – often!
Job Title – Middle School Teacher. Which could be a euphenisum for Combat Warrior, eh?
Kids? – one. Actually, she swears she’s an adult now (20 yrs old), but she’ll always be my baby.
Living Arrangement – continuing to live. Thanks for asking!
Most admired trait – Hmmmm……it’s probably my sense of humor. Or maybe my smile. Can I
just say I think it should be my bodacious ta-tas? Just ‘cause I like to say that?
“Bodacious Ta-Tas!!!!”.
Number of Sexual Partners – Sex!?!?!?!?! Partners!?!?!?!? You mean I don’t have to do it
alone?????? Shit! I’m always the last one to find out about these things…..
Overnight Hospital Stays – tonsils= 1 night. Broken femur/pulmonary emybolism=11 nights.
Child birth=1 night. Thyroid attempted explosion = 1 night, gastrointestinal/colon related
surgery (don’t ask) = 2 nights. Geez – I should’ve applied for the frequent flyer miles….
Phobia – Food touching. Shouldn’t happen. Hardly ever. ‘nuff said.
Quote – “Do! Or Do Not! There is no try!” Yoda
Religion – Episcopalian.
Siblings – 3brothers, 2 sisters. All starting with the letter “J.”
JohnJeffJayneJoanneJulieJason. Sick, huh?
Time I wake up – usually around 5:30. Unless insomnia strikes – in which case, I’m already
Unusual talent/skill – hmmmm, I can wiggle my ears, shake my groove thing, and tie a knot in
a cherry stem. And yes, all at the same time…..
Vegetable I refuse to eat – I like all veggies…..but I’ll only eat okra if someone else fixes it.
‘cause it feels slimey. And before those of you who know me pipe in – tomatoes are FRUIT
not veggies!!!!
Worst habit – Procrastination
X-rays – I think I’ve had enough x-rays taken that I am truly radioactive. Just like the song:
turnmeontonight, I’m radioactive.
Yummy foods I make – the best pancakes! Absolutely the best! Wanna come over for
Zodiac sign –Scorpio


Anonymous said...

Wow, another scorpion!

Lelly said...

Hey, I don't check in for like a nano-second and you've written all these posts! Now sorry to be nit-picky here AJp but a 'British' accent would encompass Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland (and the Channel Islands) do you do some sort of composite or do you mean 'English' accent? (don't hate me!)

airplanejayne said...

okay Ms. Pick(y): I do a pretty mean Irish, a passable "English" and an acceptable Cockney
--heh,heh, I said cock
--but I can't do a Scottish.
Unless he's cute!!!
(drum, cymbal, and rimshot, please!)

kien - I am THE scorpion!!!!

jade ed girl said... said rimshot.

lime said...

LMAO at the response to sex partners! great list over all, thanks for sharing!