Saturday, April 01, 2006

--I'm going to Disneyland!!!! I've spent the last few days trying to upload a really cool collage of photo's that I stole --err got off the Internet that would go so well with this post.....but to no avail. the interest of timeliness and all...... I took the Guitar Wolf to Los Angeles. Walked the Walk of Fame, put our feet and hands in prints at Mann’s Chinese Theatre, did the RockWalk (thanks to Thereiminman for suggesting it), Sunset strip, Disneyland, The Temporary Museum/Ashes and Snow exhibit in Santa Monica, and the Getty Museum.

Cor! Wot a road trip! I must say, that the Limey travels well: picked great road trip snacks (crunchy M&M’s and honeyroasted peanuts), didn’t backseat or passengerseat drive (although I did see him close his eyes fearfully a few times), and was quite agreeable. Other than the usual miscommunications between a Yank and a Brit
Jayne: You want to wink my what!!?!?!?!?!?

It was a fantastic trip. And, as usual, very educational. Educational? Disneyland? How, pray tell?

Things kien learned:
1. Americans don’t think they have to have license plates on the back of their cars. Of course, after Apj said that they did, we proceeded to see a dozen cars without plates.
2. the meaning of the word “awesome!” Yes – he even used it! Check his blog if ya’ don’t believe me…..
3. That although Bruce Willis looks very macho, his handprints at Mann’s Chinese Theatre prove elsewise. Wimpy, wimpy hands.
4. But kien’s got the same hands as Johnny Depp. –Err, according to the prints at Mann’s that is!!! Cor, get your minds out of the gutters!!

Things Apj learned:
1. Going upside-down isn’t all that bad. In fact, I think I like it. I’ll have to do it again. Thanks kien, for making me do it: California Screamin’!!!!
2. That the wrong music can make an exhibit pretentious. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it…..really! You say pretentious like it’s a bad thing…..oh, it is? Well….nevermind…..(but I still liked the photos…..)
3. Gotta get new CD’s. Road trips without CD’s aren’t a good thing. ‘specially when traveling with a musician. (but please remember: CD collection destroyed and stolen when Kermit was crushed.)
4. Did you know that the little Eskimo girl is not playing with the Walrus in “It’s a Small World?” Did you know that she’s fishing? Geez! Now I suppose you’ll tell me that Old Yeller didn’t get better at the end of the mov—

Which brings us to the ongoing plans for an alternative to Disneyland. But I’ll save that for a future post!


Anonymous said...

Yes, the music was of the new-age "drone a lot with this sythesized sound as it's acceptable by the masses" variety. Apparently, the interactions Colbert captured between human and animals were unscripted.......!??

I also learnt that I can do a savoury and sweet breakfast (eggs, bacon and butter pancakes with syrup - a first for me!)

Thanks for the fantastic trip APJ.

thereminman said...

did the music have any of those
low bamboo pipe sounds? the ones that were sort of cool the first time you heard them on a Peter Gabriel album, then tolerable when they were on every PBS documentary (esp. if it was set in the 3rd world) and then...well, probably in temporary museums with photos of animals and people?
[hey, a guy's gotta make a snooty music comment now and then...]
[note: geez, this word verification quiz at the bottom of the page is a tough one....good thing I didn't have any 'devil'sbrew' at the JavaWavaRogueThing tonight.---i think it's in Serbian...]
[see...told you "REJECTED" I try again...]

thereminman said...

yeah, they've lowered the difficulty level for us non-blog-owners!

Anonymous said...

thereminman - no, no low bamboo "sakuhachi" pipe sounds, but you got the right idea, it's dat kinda music!

lecram sinun said...

Did you wish upon a star?

Solitaire said...

sounds like you two had a great time! Awesome! ;-)

jade ed girl said...

Sorry, Old Yeller dies and so does Bambi's mom But cheer up, rumour has it they are cryogenically frozen:)

airplanejayne said...

jade - sooooo, would that be a puppicycle and a mommipop?

solitaire - you have a secret. you must tell me. I hate secrets. but yes, we did have fun.

lecram - of course I wished upon a star. I even took him on the Pinocchio ride so that he could wish upon a star!

thereminman - how can you possible be or feel rejected, when you're, like, #8 in Serbia!!!

kien - I'm still so happy about the savory/sweet lesson. and ta right back at ya' for the fantabulous trip -- unscripted as it was(nt).

Lelly said...

Wow! Will you take me on a road trip when I come visit...please? (And what were you driving if Kermy was dead??)

airplanejayne said...

lelly - of course I'll take ya' on a road trip!

hurry up and get here already!!