Monday, May 22, 2006

"Q" Factor of APj

Lecram assigned the letter "Q" to me. How perfect! Explore APj's "Q" Factor. Of course, we'll skip the obvious: Quirky (duh. everyone in this group is), Queen (hel-LO! it IS all about me!), and queer (no I'm not, but I tend to be attracted to them....)

Quagmire – My married life had disintegrated into a messy one. Michael had metamorphosed from my fun skydiving lover into Voldemort. I prayed for him to change back to the man I loved – but that prayer, although hopeful, proved unrealistic. My prayer for peace was answered, strangely, by Voldemort serving me with divorce papers three days before Christmas, 2002.

Quixotic - It seems that all my life I have been plagued/blessed by imaginative and hopeful, albeit unrealistic ideas. What’s wrong with chasing windmills? Have you ever ridden one? Hmmm…..remind me to tell you the story of riding the windmill at Anderson’s Split Pea Restaurant And somehow, I’ve been cursed with the heart of a hopeless romantic and the mind of a cynic. Ah, but between heart and mind lies a clever tongue, always ready with a --

Quip – I have always had a sharp wit. I love a clever comeback! To banter back and forth with someone…..One of my favorite movie pairings of all times has got to be Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn:
Richard Sumner:Now what is the first thing you notice in a person?
Bunny Watson: Whether the person is male or female.

Quiescent – Many of you may scoff when I say that I am quiescent at times. “What!?!?! Apj!?!?!?! Quiet or inactive!?!?!? Surely you jest….” No, I don’t jest….and don’t call me Shirley. (heh-heh, a quip…). Growing up as one of six children, I enjoy my space, peace and quiet. But, also because I was one of six, I need people around me…..(hmmmm……there’s my quixotic nature coming thru again…..)

Quiver – the reaction I would love to inspire…….are you there yet? Please try again….

Quasar – hmmm…..Mr. Webster insists that this is an object in space with a bright center – but tis how a classmate described me in high school. Of course, since I didn’t take physics, I didn’t exactly know what he was trying to say…..and since I was clueless back then, I didn’t realize until years later that he had a crush on me…..

Quest – The journey I’ve been on has been fantastic. Although part of me would love to change aspects of it, I know that every encounter/adventure/joy/sorrow has led me this far and shaped who I am. I know that I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and walking where I’m supposed to be walking.
Being able to draw on my experiences for strength and encouragment has helped to keep going.

Quitter – Something I am not! Unfortunately, this sometimes has led to me refusing to get out of the boat as it is sinking (see quagmire above). But usually – this character trait has been more of a benefit than a burden. Not quitting led me through a divorce and into a career that I love.

Quill – My pen has become my companion and confidante. This blog was started because a friend (thanks Lecram) told me I needed to start writing again. I am happy.

Quintessence - The combination of all my “Q factors” forms and molds me, hopefully into the most perfect “ME” that I can be.


jade ed girl said...

Nice job APj! Tough letter... but I'm sure lecram knew you were up for it!

jade ed girl said...

Thanks for the comments, 'cept the last one...quityerbitchin...I put ya before the boykingofthejuttinghipbones di'nt I?

Solitaire said...

You are awesome! This is a great list, I'd get "Q" and be worried...


gloria jean said...

You did a great job with this one. Good responses!

lime said...

great job with a tough letter! kudos for the use of quixotic..hehee

lecram sinun said...

APJ - Bravo! Nicely done. Would have been a tough letter for many! :)

KaMotion said...

Tracy/Hepburn pairing in movies are my all time favorite as well.

Although I am not good at the quip I can always appreciate them.

Ms Bees Knees said...

i am probably the biggest quitter i know... hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Quakingly quaffable!

Lelly said...

Marvellous APj, you are definitley my kinda gel! I notice that you started blogging the same time as me...not so extraordinary I guess as Lecram was the instigator in both our where's your 'blog anniversary' post then, huh?? (just done mine *nudge*)

Solitaire said...

Ack! I didn't know about the meat burning and I've been dealing with some major health issues this weekend and it's all coming to an end on Wednesday. Needless to say... I'd probably not be good company until I'm not in pain anymore.

It's nice to be missed though. :-)