Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Year in the Life of APj

Okay, so Lelly told me I had to post my 1 year Anniversary post…..and I always do what people on that side of the pond tell me to do…..

April 2005 told the story of naming Airplane Jayne.
I love that twenty years later, I’m still Airplane Jayne, never plain.
I love that people that didn’t even know me when I was skydiving call me APj.
I love that I’ve a line in a song about finding my name high above the clouds

May 2005 was a time of Vanity and broken things.
My vanity is the first thing you see when you walk in my house. It reminds me that a true gift from the heart lasts longer than all the pretty packaging. My crooked leg reminds me that every day is a gift, regardless of the packaging.

June 2005 found me spilling my heart,
Sharing my mantra about waters that part.
My faith is an important aspect of me – and I love that my friends accept me as I am. I know that I am on the path I’m supposed to be on – because the waters keep parting as I keep moving forward.

July 2005 was busy, and drama-full.
Inventory was taken and tallied,
Jayne’s throat drama caused her friends to rally.
Okay – can I just say that I never want to go ten days without talking!?!?!?

August 2005 was a month of discovery and reflection:
We discovered a man who took responsibility for gagging APj,
Jayne remembered a skygod with abs, eyes and thighs (oh my!)
Which sent Jayne to the store. Oh yes, and kien shared that he went to the store to buy bread. Twice.

September 2005 was trip down the toilet:
We discovered APj really does have a potty mouth,
And potty issues.
Oh, btw – the latest potty dream: bought a new house, moved into it at night. Checked out the bathroom – very nice, but no toilet. Asked, “where’s the loo?” Agent just pointed out the door. I followed pointing finger out the front door. My white toilet stood, in all it’s naked porcelean glory, two houses down, next to the bus stop.

October 2005 found Jade waxing on blood and condoms, so I shared my birthday story of
midget dolls (not dwarves), waiters, and condoms.

Always remember, the month of November
And the Lady with the Flashlight Eyes.
Yes, she still scares me half to death – all doors/drawers/cupboards must be closed prior to sleepage.

December 2005 left with a bang as it crashed
January told of the demise of Kermit the smashed.
And once again, my Rogues came thru with calls, dancing, and food!

March 2006 found me Rogue’d hard and put away
With offers of maps, and youngsters wanting to play,
I instead chose a trip to Disneyland
Where Jayne was tipped upside-down
And kien used the word awesome (at Disney and Getty)

April 2006 found Jayne at the hardware store,
Which sent Mustang into fits galore,
And SSM ranting about buttfloss,
Which was a nice change from his usual rants….

May 2006 was a fantasy topless strut of free will
By the quixotic quasar on a quest with her quill.

To all my blog friends – thanks for the love and abuse.


Mustang said...

APJ..nice retrospective. Too tired for silliness right now, although spent some quality time talking to the clown the morning after the Q. Just love that expression!!!

lime said...

LOVED this! I really enjoyed going back thru the links. you are quite the storyteller. thanks for the laughs, the tears, the mantra, the lessons. here's to another great year of stories!

lecram sinun said...

Been quite the year, huh? Glad you're on a roll now too! Cheers and many more!

Solitaire said...

Happy anniversary! Wow... a year already! Awesome!

Lelly said...

WONDERFUL Jayne! Wonder if we'll actually get to meet before our next anniversary??

Lelly said...

...I meant our next blogging anniversaries, in case anyone is confused! :)