Saturday, April 19, 2008


So.....Lime blogged about chocolate....and the Zodiac.... two of my favorite things -- put together! According to Chocolate Lime, I am an M&M. Now, Molly, (otherwise known as the voice in my head) had her own opinions on the advice. I've included her ran --err opinions in blue.

M&Ms (October 31-November23) You are a party animal. You're a bit frenetic at times, and, well "frenetic" sounds so much better than spastic, eh? Everyone notices you, but in a good way - not in that "omigawd, she's naked" bad dream kind of way. You bring a smile to everyone with your antics and enliven staid situations, usually with your disaster dates or your triumphant shopping trips. You don't have a lot of patience for the dark brooding types so stay away from Truffles, or you might find yourself unable to keep from yelling at them, Poe and Plath, Poe and Plath!" You'll get along with Chips who may help calm you down when you are too over the top, but then again, what's so good about peace, love, understanding, and calm? Let's go find you a real mate. So, Jayne, what kind of chocolate do you fancy?

Jayne: Well, I've always been fond of chocolate ice crea--

Jayne, even though Chocolate Ice Cream (January 19-February 16) is refreshing to be around, they require rather specific conditions to perform well. Conditions!?!? Does that mean like everything has to be THEIR way or NO WAY!?!? Chocolate Ice Cream can alternate between being a real drip and being downright frigid if not provided the right environment but those who treat Chocolate Ice Cream right are rewarded with real pleasure. Jayne, even though you are a tasty addition to this delightful dessert, I don't see it lasting.....for God's sake, he'll be a puddle of goo at your feet....or somewhere else.... NEXT!

Well....the candy bar and the nibs look kinda boring
Yup, and the ganache is a fricking, moody snob "POE AND PLATH!"
Sorry -- hey! how about chocolate cake!

Oh! I like chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake (May-16-June 21), like Ice Cream is popular and folks enjoy being around him. Sweetie, that means you might have to share the spotlight with him... He's more adaptable though and can navigate great formality or basic simplicity with ease. Hmpfh! He hasn't seen you in action! Chocolate Cake is a peacemaker who can even keep Ganache and Mousse together harmoniously. What is this with all the Ganache, Truffle and Mousse talk!?!? "POE and PLATH, for cryingoutfrickingloud! Stick your head in an ov-

Sorry --
What's next?
Well, if we skip the truffles and the mousse
Yes, please,

and forget about Hot Chocolate - Good God, can you imagine the mess?
But don't I melt in your mouth not in your hand?
Hey! There's an idea -- something similar, but different. How about chips?

Well, even though Chocolate Chips (August 12-September 17) wishes he had the strength to stand on his own but generally need the support of others, he makes up for this slight woosiness because his presence is often what strengthens those he is with. He adds a special sweetness to every setting he is in and makes people smile even when he is melting from the heat of the situation. That sounds hot!
No it doesn' sounds like a gooey mess! Worse then the ice cream!! At least gooey ice cream can be licked off - Molly?

Sorry -- I went to the store --

Maybe I should just find another bag of M&M's.....peanuts, anyone?


lime said...

LOL, bravo!

but my dear...madam lime knows all. call me for a consultation and i'll do a reading of your m&ms, ok? ;)

KFarmer said...

LOL!! As usual, your wit and style shine like a swirl of the sweet stuff :)

airplanejayne said...

lime -- ::ring ring!:: SEND CHOCOLATE!!!

k - glad I made you laugh. Got any extra chocolate?

Flash said...

I think Molly needs to be introduced to Tony Montana...they might hit it off...

airplanejayne said...

Flash - Molly is planning a chocolate birthday party for Tony....


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I love you honey... you are SO wonderful! :)