Thursday, April 03, 2008

Person of the Week


Sarah had this lovely idea to blog about a person who has had an impact (positive or negative) on your life. What a lovely idea!” I thought, “I think I’ll do that.” And I promptly got busy/preoccupied/distracted.

But really…what a lovely idea. I’m thinking this could be a good exercise for me. I am going to try to do this weekly, although I don’t know if I’ll be doing it on a certain day (my whole “rules-schmules” mentality).

So without further ado….here is my first POW:

Chronologically, I haven’t known him long, but it feels like I’ve known him my whole life.
All ya’ll know me – you know how high up I’ve built the walls around me. It is safer that way – yes, yes, lonely, but safe is still good for me. I only let people

or so I like to think. But this person is somehow able to see into my very core– and pluck pieces out. He takes my painful memories and experiences and turns them into things of beauty.

Who, Jayne, who?” I hear you scream, “who can this be?”

Who else?

You all know how charming this badboy is – and what a talented singer/songwriter he is. I’ve shared the story of Savior of the Skies, a song written (ostensibly) about skydiving.

Howe ver, when I listen to it I find myself saying, “Wait up. Hold on, how did he know that?”

And now this one arrived in the mail last week. Kien said he was inspired by my goodbye to Rio. I have to share it with you, because it, like kien, touches to the very soul:

"The Days of Flying"

So hard to say goodbye
This is the end of a million years gone by
In the morning rays we spend
One last time like it will never end

I don't want to let you down
But you know I won't be around
I give you my love
I give you my love

In this field forever
You I will remember
Yes, I see you're crying
But there were days of flying
Will always be

I don't want to let you down But you know I won't be around I give you my love You have my love always

Troubadour...thanks for letting me share this song.


Anonymous said...

awesome POW! :) This is very cool my dear! And he ROCKS!

love the song!

See ya tonight!

lecram said...

It's not Orlando Bloom?

airplanejayne said...

sol - yup, he does rock

lecram - it is ALWAYS Bloom....but I thought it was London's turn....

Anonymous said...

WOW! POW! Thank you APJ. I am humbled and honored!

airplanejayne said...

kien -- no, really sweetie, thank you. But how 'bout we split it? You be humble, and I'll be honored....

airplanejayne said...

oh -- and because most of you have heard this, it's only fair that the bloggers hear it:
(actually conversation was done via email, but it sounds funnier this way. So since it's my show, err, blog....)

kien: I wrote a song. here it is.

jayne: cool. I really like this line.... which exgirlfriend/lover is this song about?

kien:'s about you and your horse.

I am so stupid....

Thanks kien, for keeping your stupid friends...

lime said...

i remember those songs. they were amazing! thanks for drawing our attention to kien again. :)

sarahVZ said...

Okay, I'm delayed...

Great POW! I've been naughty myself and haven't even kept up with this idea :P I don't like to give it a specific day, either. Sometimes there is someone at the beginning of the week, and sometimes it takes me until the end of the week to think of someone!