Sunday, August 20, 2006

Erynn's 21st!

As most of you know, Erynn turned 21 (egads!) a few weeks ago. I shared this story with Lecram, and he said, "APj, you should have blogged about that!"
As usual, he's right (I sure get tired of admitting that)...although I'm not quite so ready to take his dating advice (yes, yes, we'll deal with that in another blog)....

Erynn was driving me nuts the week (or so) before her birthday! She would call at all hours of the day and ask, "Guess what happens in 5 (or 4 or 3, depending on the day) days?" To which I was to respond, "What?" and she would answer, "I turn 21!"

This got especially old around 3:00AM....

But I am a Mum that believes in I called her on her birthday......a couple of times!

7/29/85 -- APj's Phone log:

6:30 AM
"Good Morning Sweetie!"
"21 years ago, I woke up to get ready to go to work. I wasn't feeling all that good, but decided to go to work. Such dedication!"

7:30 AM
"Hello Saffie!"
"Mom....why are you calling so early?"
"Saffie! 21 years ago, I decided I wasn't feeling so good. So I called in sick to work!! After all, I was 8 months pregnant--"
"Mom - it's 7:30, and I'm hung --"
"Saffie! A hangover is NOTHING compared to going into Labor!!!!!"

9:30 AM
"Mom -- you are so ev--"
"Saffie! 21 years ago - my water burst! In the OB/GYN's newly decorated exam room!"
"Mom -- that's just gros--really?"
"Uh-huh! She said it was fine (but I think she wasn't happy), and sent us on to the hospital. She said I should be done by early afternoon"

11:46 AM
"Mom - you are so warped! What happened 21 years--"
"Sweetie - you were born exactly 21 years ago -- right now!! Good bye!"

12:30 PM
(getting her voice mail)
"Erynn -- 21 years ago, I had the first Pepsi I'd had in eight months!!! Big Gulp --Big Good!!!"

2:30 PM
(Erynn returning voice mail)
"Mom? why'd you give up Pepsi?"
"Sweetie, the doctor's said it could cause deformities......and still you have that funny bone on your heel--"
"Mom! You're so weird!!!!"

6:30 PM
"Hey Sweetie!"
"Mom -- just a minute -- I'm gonna put you on speaker!"
"21 years ago - your dad and I were having a steak dinner at the hospital--"
"Why a steak dinner?"
"Because it was free!"

9:00 AM
"Mom -- I'm so-o-o-o tired! My birthday is over! Why are you cal--"
"Saffie -- 21 years ago we were getting ready to leave the hospital. Now, as you know, you came a month early, we didn't really have that "bag" fully packed. That "bag that contains all the important things -- like a toothbrush, hairbrush, change of clothes, etc. So....21 years ago today.....we discovered what I was missing from the "bag." 21 years ago today.....your mom came home from the hospital........COMMANDO!!!!

(for those not familiar with the term -- it means I had no underwear on......)


Mustang said...

Viva La Commando!!

KFarmer said...

That was hilarious! I'm glad LS talked you into sharing :)

lime said...

LOLm, I am so glad lecram convinced you to share this. aaahhhh, revenge is sweet is it not? lol. and my favorite line is the comparison between labor and a hangover!

Katie :) said...

LOL APJ that is great!

lecram sinun said...

Listening to her tell this story I was struck how APJ's "phone voice" had a Hal quality from 2001. LOL!

rose_michelle said...

Life is swwet when it comes to paybacks! Thanks for sharing.

Mintzworks said...

Just confirming what we already knew: DON'T CROSS APJ!!!

(I would say 'don't fuck with apj,' but that would actually be WELCOME, no?)

RACHEL said...

Very funny & cute story! I have a feeling your daughter has your sense of humor! Tee hee!

airplanejayne said...

Mustang - I love Commandos....and other men in uniforms....

lime - I can't complain too much about labor -- mine was only an hour and 46 minutes long!!

k, katie, rose - I'm glad all ya'll enjoyed my predicament....and the story!!!

mintz -- don't cross or fuck with me. I want roses, candy, sweet talk, dinner, movie, wined and dined, seduced and romanced. DEFINITELY not one to cross or fuck with....

Lecram -- Hal!?!?!?!? Too funny!!! But I think you're right....