Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sometimes Carma just bites....

bad,bad, kfarmer...... I thought we were friends.....buds......that you would do this to me-- "Do what, APj?" Yes,yes, I can hear that sweet,blonde,southern drawl --all sugary and syrupy.... But....I KNOW it was you...

YOU put Murphy on a plane:

3:10 PM
You'd think that as often as he stays, I'd have heard the snicker from the peanut gallery at the back of my classroom Friday afternoon. "I've got to go!" I inform my computer, which was refusing to power down without updating. "I'm driving to S.F. to see Superman Steve's show."

3:30 PM
I rose triumphantly as the computer finally went to sleep,but somehow, Murphy got into the phone lines.
::ring! ring!::
"This is Ms.Day"
"This is Mr. Bebopaloo Lou, you have my son Bebop Jr. in your class....."
Suffice to say, that Bebop Sr. did not believe that Bebop Jr. (and Murphy,of course) was anything other than angelic in class.

3:45 PM
I make a mad dash to the car, and inform Steve that I am on my way. Steve informs me that Murphy has shot down his attempted manipulations of matchmaking. Starting to suspect that Murphy is loitering somewhere, I peel out of the parking lot, northbound!

4:20 PM
somewhere south of Merced
"Okay, if traffic stays like this, I should be okay. It'll be close, but I'll be okay," I reassure the steering wheel, "Ha! Murphy thought he could--"

::note to audience and self: Never directly challenge Murphy. It pisses him off. Kinda like saying, "Candyman" three times in the dark to the bathroom mirror::

"Shit!" I scream and swerve at the same time. "WTF!?!?!? Looks like someone lost a toolbox on the freeway. Yeah, yeah, NOW we all slow down...." So we putz along for a bit....I call Steve and tell him about the slowdown--but STILL feeling okay.....until.....

4:23 PM(ish)

4:30 PM
I call Steve to let him know the score:
APj:zero Murphy: Ten

4:45 PM
Tire off,spare on. Kinda like wax on, wax off. Only a whole lot more elbow grease, Mr.Miasayki.
4:50 PM
Lugs all tight, putting tire with bigass nail in the trunk.
"Hey miss?" offers a businesslookingman from his airconditioned Lexus, "can I call someone for you?"

"Nope. Done. But can you give my friend Murphy a ride? He's going west. Due west"

Steve, sorry I didn't make the show. But I'm sure Murphy would have blown something.....really...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Oh well, happens! Glad Murphy took the lift.

Bestest, Kien

mintzworks said...

You're sure Murphy would have 'blown' something?

Maybe if YOU 'blow' something, Steve won't be all that upset!

And it's Mr. Miyagi.

And I've dealt with Mr. Bebopalou Lou. What an ass. His wife is worse.

lecram said...

So with all this Murphy drama you couldn't call me?

Cosima said...

I think Murphy boarded a pane and flew to Hong Kong.

KFarmer said...

LOL!! I swear honey pie, sweet sugah dumplin~ I had ab so lutely nuthing to do with it...

and thank you precious darlin~ for sending Murphy.. DUE WEST ;)

lime said...

i sure am glad yousent him west because east might bring him all the way to PA and i don't need that!

KaMotion said...

and you didn't get the phone number from the guy in the Lexus? opportunity, opportunity