Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Very Difficult Day

I teach Language Arts, 7th grade.

I always love my job....but some days are tougher than others.

Many of my kids come from a pretty rough background -- often, our school, my classroom, is their "safe" spot. I know this. But some days I'm socked in the jaw with it.

This is how one of my students spent her weekend: crawling out a bedroom window and frantically dialing 9-1-1. Mom had been afraid that something like this was going to happen. She had her brother come stay with them because she was afraid. She had gotten a restraining order because-- yes, she was afraid.
My student will not be coming back to my class, because the only family left does not live in Fresno. She and her siblings are without a mom and an uncle.

Dear God,
Sometimes I forget how difficult and scary many of my kids have it--until something like this happens. Theirs' can be a hard, brutal world. Please hold them close in your hand.


Myers said...

Ugh, this is so screwed up. I know what you are going through, and that's even more screwed up. How screwed up is this world when I can honestly tell you that as a teacher, I had the same experience about four years ago? It's just sad.

Anonymous said...

Nothing happens by accident in God's world.

Bestest, Kien

lime said...

oh that poor poor child. we've had similar incidents around here. thank you for being a light in the safe place, apj. i know it means something to your students.

Katie :) said...

I pray for your kids to realize that these kinds of situations do NOT have to be the norm for them or their siblings. I hope they find the strength to rise above crap situations and be great leaders in this world.

KFarmer said...

That just breaks my heart. What in the world is this world coming to when life is so cheap? I don't care how many times I read something like that, it still leaves me dazed and confused as to why? Just why?

airplanejayne said...

Myers-yes,it is sad. But I am thankful that someone knows how I feel.

kien-for the words behind the words:thanks.

lime-I just have to keep this fresh in my mind: I am light.

katie-same prayer.

kfarmer-same question.why,why,why?

lecram said...

A very sad reality with too many that shouldn't be.

M said...

Sometimes education is the last thing a child needs. If they are living in fear or hunger or poverty, school is not about learning but about escape! Poor child. I hope her life gets better.

Cosima said...

As a mom, I find it very hard to bear that children have to go through this. Childhood should be a safe and happy time.