Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thanks, Joy, for letting me know how/where to find out
What type of Fae are you?

Okay.....I am SO-O-O-O okay with being called a Nymph that I will overlook any insinuations of my manipulative
hey-did you ever notice that "man" is in that word?
--manipulative side.

and geez....tie ONE guy up ONE time and ya' get saddled
(heh-heh, that's a nice picture)
with that whole "possessive" handle...


KFarmer said...

Just call me a Nymph too~ lob one too many pieces of fruit and BAM! labled, for life...Good one apj :)

lecram said...

OK... that pic is HAWT! Yeah, I know I have a thing for girls drawn right... Betty Rubble was hot too.

Cosima said...

I am a Nymph too. Does our species have pointy ears?

lime said...

ok, do they give any results aside from 'nymph?'