Friday, September 21, 2007


I have a good friend who does a "grateful" list. He starts with the letter "A" and goes through the alphabet. I love this idea -- but I've enough lists in my further is my interpretation (thank you, kien).
I am grateful for.....

All my friends
Because even when I’m acting
Crazy, they seem willing to
Do whatever is needed to
Ensure my wellbeing.

For an infinite
God that reveals
Himself to the finite me in a way that
I can understand, even though He knows
Jayne will constantly question.

Knowing that being alone is not always
Lonely. And that
Meaningful relationships are a
Of Life.

Promises kept
Queries answered, illusions maintained,

Revealed or

Truth and honesty, so often
Unusual and uncommon, becoming
Visible to the naked
Yes. Thank you, Lord, a
Zillion times, Amen


mintzworks said...

show off.

KFarmer said...

That was great~ :)

lime said...

an alphabetical and poetical count. wonderful apj, thank you

Anonymous said...

If "Thank You" was the only prayer one knew, it would be enough.

Bestest, Kien

Cosima said...

Wonderful :)

b o o said...

what a great idea :)

KaMotion said...

love it.