Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Le Interview from Lecram

5 Interview Questions from Lecram:
1. List 5 things guaranteed to perk you up. These things, qualities or actions ma or may not be at your disposal at the moment.
2. Through a mysterious lottery you have won "An Opportunity of a Lifetime of Your Choice!" What would you choose and why? there is no limit to what it will cost but money as in cold hard cash is also NOT a choice.
3. It is given that we all have painful episodes in our lives. these episodes are usually balanced with episodes of pure joy. If you were to pick a painful episode and choose a joyful one to create that balance, tell u s only about the joyful one.
4. Name the 3 top things you care deeply about and tell us why.
5. You have met George Clooney. He is impressed with you and gives you the task of creating a wild adventure that you will both go on. what is this 2 day adventure? Sex is not an option. (And don't give me that "rules schmules" shit on this one or you will never get another one of these from me again - morty).

Of course, I had to break a few rules -- that's just my style. But I don't have sex (which really isn't breaking a rule -- hell, that seems to BE my rule....), and I get Clooney....so here we go:

"Ms. Plain? Ms. Air? err--Ms. Airplanejayne? "
"Yes," I responded nervously, "that's me."
"Airplanejayne, seriously?"
"Yes...and not so seriously. See, I used to jump outta -- oh, nevermind--"
"Right," he replied briskly taking my hand, "are you ready?"
"Can one ever possibly be ready for space?'
My brusk guide stopped so abruptly that I almost ran into his back.
"Ms. Plain-"
"Ah, that's Airplan-"
"Whatever," He grabbed my arms and pulled me close. "Listen: Just because you won this opportunity in some mysterious lottery -- don't think it's all fun and games." I could feel the heat of his breath through clenched teeth, "you are going into space. If you aren't ready -- you could get hurt. You could hurt the entire team. You could all get hurt -- and remember: In space, no one can hear you scream."
As I burst out in laughter, his craggy face exploded into a grin, "Yeah. I thought you'd like that line."
"Morty," I chuckled, "you know I love movie lines! No matter how nervous I am, a well-placed movie quote will always perk me up."
"Okay, APj, glad ta' make yer day. Now, get on that shuttle and make us proud!"
Smiling, I walked eagerly up the gangplank.
"Mom! Mummy! Over here!"
Following the sound, I looked to the left -- and there she was: one of the best and top three things I care about: Erynn: Who loves me in spite of Me. I remember the day she was born -- I have never since been filled with such joy....although a particular weekend at Disneyland came close....
"Sweetiedarling!" I called to her, "Saffie! Baby! Mummy loves you! Even if I can't remember your name!"The crowd looked on in horrified shock as both Erynn and I dissolved into fits of laughter. Another one of those 'guaranteed to perk you up things,' I thought to myself. Erynn always joked that I had so many nicknames for her because I couldn't remember her name.

Reaching the shuttle door, last chance, I tell myself, if you're backing out, you're backing out now. Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes, tap my heels together and whisper, "There's no place like home. Please Lord, keep me safe. My eyes, my heart, and my will, as always, are in your hands. Amen."
The passageways are narrow -- I don't know if its the spacesuit or me -- but I definitely don't have a sexy swagger going on. If only I could have worn my Marc Jacobs red boots, I thought, that would definitely perk me -- and this outfit up. "Cause you know that it is--ta dah! --all about da shooze" I announce, striking a pose.
"Pardon me, jaynee" came a dusky voice behind me, "but your shooe is holding me captive."
An arm encircled me, keeping me from moving, "Not," he added, "that I'm complaining."
Blushing, I turn to see George.
"George," I stammered, "I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to start thi-"
"I said," he replied, tightening his grip and grinning, "I 'm not complaining. What an incredible adventure you've planned: a weekend in space!"
"Well," I recovered, "When I won that mysterious lottery, I thought you would be perfect--err, I mean, this would be perfect."
Taking my gloved hand, George led me to our seats. "You are perfect. And so will this weekend be." he said.
As the rockets fire underneath us, I realize that George is still holding my hand. Even through the layers of my orange pressurized suit, I swear I can feel heat from his hand. Damn! I cuss at myself, why did I want to bring him to space!?!?!? I can't even get him nekkid! I turn to look at him, and find myself lost in his brown eyes.
"Yes?" I gulp, feeling my heart pounding, competing with the rocket blasts from beneath.
"If I didn't have this suit on --" his hand casually caresses my thigh.
"George," I holler over the engines full roar, "Hold that thought for a few days....but in the meantime -- would you mind.....pulling my hair and humming a bit?"


lime said...

another FABULOUS interview. bravo and blastoff!

lecram said...

Cool! Morty is sleeping in today and waking him is always a risky proposition.

Anonymous said...

Nice, nice. I take it the adventure in space also included the space toilet? Bestest, Kien :)

Jay said...


Cosima said...

Could you take my little man with you? Maybe on your lap? He so wants to travel into space.

Ever the mommy, I told him that he has to listen carefully in school, if he wants to become an astronaut. Whereupon he decided that he wants to build his own space shuttle. Who needs an invitation from NASA anyway :)?

airplanejayne said...


lecram-I promise to leave Morty alone...

kien - ::sigh:: you, of all people....yes, yes, of course it included a space toilet. But I couldn't use it because....well, just because it grossed me out!

jay - thanks for visiting!

cosima - little man is always welcome on my adventures!