Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Year (so far) in review

Okay....while I am at the store working on my interview from Lecram, here is something I started in August. I don't remember who I stole it from.....


1. Who kissed you on New Years?
Rio. (My horse) I actually would really love to kiss a human this coming New Years...
2. Did you have a new year's resolution this year?
Same two that I've had for the past few years....I keep thinking that "maybe THIS year..."

3. Does it snow where you live?
Nope. And it is one of the things I miss about living in Nebraska!

4. Do you like hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate. Cold chocolate. Liquid chocolate. Hard chocolate. Can't say as I've ever had bad chocolate...

5. Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop?
NO, but I would love to be there! Yeah, yeah, I know it's cold and crowded-but it's on my list.


1. Who was your Valentine?
Does it count that I spent Valentine birthday with someone on Valentines Day? Yes? Okay, so my ValentineBirthdayValentine was none other than kien: dinner, stroll, movie, stroll, coffee. Probably a stroll after coffee too.....we tend to do a lot of strolling...

2. When you were little did you buy Valentine's for the whole class?
YES. And I agonized for hours over which ones to give to whom. "Will he think I 'like' him?" "Eww, I better just give him the 'friend' one."

3. Do you care if the groundhog sees its shadow or not?
As long as I don't see some scary shadow creeping up on me, what do I care if some little hog sees his shadow or not?!?!?


1. Are you Irish?
Aye, darhling- I've a bit o da green in me. And I named my daughter Erynn, ya' kno'.

2. Do you wear green every Year on St. Patricks day?
Yup - through and through.

3. What did you do for St. Patty's Day in 2007?
Ummmm....I think it was right after I was recuperating.

4. Are you happy when winter is pretty much over?
Yes--but I'm happy when he arrives again in November.

5. Something special in march?
DUH!!!!! The Rogue Festival!


1. Do you like the rain?
I love the smell of rain.

2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year?
Not this year. But I am planning a great one for next year: I'm gonna steal a classroom from a teacher!

3. Do you get tons of candy on Easter?
Naw--I just eat Erynn's candy.

4. Do you celebrate 4/20?
April 20th? It's a holiday? for what? late taxes?


1. What is your favorite flower?
Sterling Silver roses. (They are lavender and smell wonderful).

3. Finish the phrase "April showers"....
bring Jayne flowers. Please. No, really, PLEASE BRING ME FLOWERS!!!!!

4. Do you celebrate May16th: National Piercing Day?
Geez. There's a fricking piercing day!?!?!?!? WTF.....

5. Is May anything special to you?
"May I kiss you" sounds pretty special....


1. What year do you graduate?
I graduated from college in 2002. That makes me sound so young!!! So much better than telling you I graduated from high school in 1978. Crap, did I just say that with my outside voice?

2. Did you do anything fun during this month?
Nope -- because I taught Summer School. But ask me about July! or August!

3. Have a favorite baseball team?
They're all cute in their uniforms.


1. What did you do on the Fourth of July?
Blew shit up!!!!

2. Did you go on any vacations in this month?
Went to Nebraska to see my folks.

3. Do you blast the A/C all day?
110 degrees. What do YOU think!?!?


1. Did you do anything special at the end of your summer?
Went to Camp Surf. Learned to surf the waves in a kayak.

2. What was your favorite summer memory of '07?
see August #1.

3. Did you have a sunburn?
No. SPF40. I am lillywhite. I do not tan well. I will be a hot babolecious 90year old with fabulous skin.


1. Did you attend college/school?
I am, once again, teaching 7th grade.

2. Who was/is your favorite teacher?
I am my favorite teacher!!!! But I would put Miss Whitaker(4th grade), Mrs. McCabe (7th grade), and Mrs Beall (10th grade) on the list.

3. Do you like fall better than summer?
I'd rather fly than fall. Falling hurts like a bon of a stitch.


1. What was your last Halloween costume?
Dorothy, of Oz/Kansas. But it was kinda stripper Dorothy....

2. What is your favorite candy?
M&M's, Peach Rings (thanks nic and kien), jelly beans.

3. Whose birthday is this month?
My brother, Jeff.


1. Whose house do you go to for Thanksgiving?
My friend Donna's house.

2. What's best about this month?
My birthday: November 5th!!

3. What are you thankful for?

4. Do you love stuffing?
depends on the stuff-ee


1. Do you celebrate Christmas?
OH- YEAH! Lights, check. Mouse tree, check. Oz tree, check. On the "wish list": dishes, towels and a shower curtain.

2. What is December 1st, 2007?

3. Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?
Yup. and I am looking forward to it again.

4. Get anything special last year?
nope. nope. nope.

5. What do you want this year?
see #3 above. oh...and see #4. I do NOT want a repeat of #4....

6. Do you like cold weather?

7. Have you ever licked a frosted pole and got stuck?
I refuth to anthwer thith quethion on the groundth that it might incriminate me....


lime said...

well you know how i feel about chocoalte and i wish i could say i'd never come across bad chocolate...for you own good, let me warn you. do NOT try the chocolate spaghetti. bad, very bad....

lecram said...

I think it would be "stuffer" (for Nov #4)... unless you've gotten into strap-on's of late... which is ok too. Just saying... morty.

mintzworks said...

Despite what Lecram sez, this:

4. Do you love stuffing?
depends on the stuff-ee


This is why I'm going to kiss you on New Year's. And Every Day is New Year's Day SOMEwhere in the universe!!

airplanejayne said...

lime - thanks for the warning on the chocolate spaghetti. But chocolate potato chips are the bomb!!

lecram - no strap-ons. I found them to be chaffing.

mintzy - memo to self: lock the door.

Anonymous said...

Yes, strolling after stuffing is always a good idea....

airplanejayne said...

strolling is always a joy.