Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another (Late) 55.....and ANOTHER Conversation with God

Hello? Can I help you?
I have family court papers for you.
Oh, you must have the wrong address.
Are you Jayne Day Richardson?
Yes, yes, I am…
Nope! I’ve got the right house. Here you go…..ahhh, Merry Christmas.

::ring, ring::

Michael, what have you done?
Jayne, I'm just not happy anymore.

Hey God?

Yes, Jaynee.

God, even though I am in a much better place, and all is well in my life, this is always a difficult day. Please hold my hand today.

Missy, I've got you. sound like my Dad when you call me Missy.

I know....


lime said...

i am glad you're in a much better place but it's understandable that the day is still a little raw. big hugs to you. a lil hug from a pal never hurts.

KFarmer said...

That just floors me to think someone could be that damn mean. I'm with beautiful Lime (HUGS) and lots of em...