Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Game of Tag!

Crazy Eights Tag

I was tagged by Smarmoofus to play a game of Crazy Eights. Nope -- not the card game.


I was always good at that one.... but here we go:

8 Things I’m passionate about

8. Pedicures. Seriously – play with my feet and I’m yours.

7. Finding love

6. My job. Wait, it’s not a job – it’s a passion.

5. laughter

4. Honesty

3. Friends

2. God

1. My food not touching.

Yes. I am more passionate about my food not touching than I am about anything else – even God. He’s just gotta understand that the gravy can’t touch the veggies….eww….I’m grossed out just thinking about it.

8 Things I want to do before I die

8. Christmas Eve in Disneyland

7. New Years Eve in Times Square

6. Go to Australia

5. Travel to Europe

4. Be the Disney Teacher of the Year

3. Be someone’s one true love

2. Fall in love

1. Have sex (again)

Hmmm… ya’ know, I’m SURE I could put some of these things together and kill two birds with one 2x4…

8 Things I often say
8. Write my show!

7. Why should I have to make the first move

6. But I didn’t know he was interested

5. -Because he's not over 30! That's why!

4. Come here, little boy

3. Because it really is all about me.

2. No (although I am working on this one)

1. I love you too, Erynn

Some of you may disagree with the order I’ve assigned. F@$K you.

8 Books I’ve recently or currently reading

The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman

Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer

New Moon, by Stephanie Meyer

Eclipse, by Stephanie Meyer

Pretty Little Mistakes, by Heather Mcelhatton

Tolkien and Lewis: The Gift of Friendship by Colin Duriez

Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince, by J. K. Rowling (yes, I am an entire book behind…)

Fluke, by Christopher Moore

(please remember that I’m a middle school teacher…I try to read many of the books that my students do)

8 Songs I could listen to over and over

8. Crazy Bitch, by Buckcherry
Hey! You’re crazy, bitch. But you f@#K so good I’m on top of it….

7. Carolina in my Mind, by James Taylor
Hey baby, the skies on fire….

6. Hallelujah, by k.d. lang
Her beauty in the moonlight overthrew ya…

5. Can’t Get Next to You, by the Temptations
I can live forever, if I so desire…

4. Friday, I’m in Love, by The Cure
Thursday, never looking back, it’s Friday; I’m in Love!

3. Like I Do, by Melissa Etheridge
You found out to love me, you’ll have to climb some fences..

2. Moonshadow, by Cat Stevens
If I ever lose my eyes, if my colors all run dry….

1. Savior, by kien lim.
Scatter her soul to the wind, the rush of the wind is beckoning.

8 Things that attract me to my best friends

8. Laughter

7. Talent

6. hair

5. Soul

4. Eyes

3. Intelligence

2. Wit

1. Butt

Yes….I do look at my friends’ butts. I can’t help it. But see – then I’m looking at the Wit. Hmmm…how do you look at wit? Where’s that kept!?!?!? (gawd, now all my best friends are going to know what I’m up to!)

8 People I think should do Crazy 8s

Okay....that sounds like some kinky version of Twister. Like Nekkid twister. If you feel like playing, play. Call me if you need a second....


smarmoofus said...

So many comments...!
- Your passions:
I'm the complete opposite about my feet. Mine are so ticklish that nobody is allowed near them... not even my ex-Megamoo.
I saw that your job was a passion, so I had to look at your profile... what do you teach?! It's so cool that you're that dedicated to your work!
*ducks* I like gravy on my green beans.
- Before you die:
How awesome would it be to fall in love and be that person's true love, get married and have a months-long honeymoon (having sex througout, of course) timed so that you're at Disneyworld for Christmas Eve, Time's Square for New Year's Eve, followed by Europe then Australia, and being told while at Disneyworld that you were selected to be the Disney Teacher of the Year?
- I'm liking your songs! (Sorry for skipping over your books... I don't like fantasy type stuffs.)
- Oh, Talent... that's a nice addition to the friendship qualities.
I like your style. I'm really glad I tagged you. *Cheshire-cat smile*

lime said...

when i was a kid i was nuts about my food touching. i have grown out of it. i just wanna know, how are ya with soups and stews and casseroles where things are mixed together?

ok, here's me revealing my own neurosis....if it is crazy 8s there should be 8 categories to answer bothers me that there are only 6. i hasten to add i don't hold you or smarmoofus responsible for this obvious omission. just whoever authored the thing. yes, i am weird.

Flash said...

I am so with you on the food not touching each other. My grandmother used to call me a separation eater.

And I give wicked foot massages. For possible future reference ;)

airplanejayne said...

smarmoofus - I loathe gravy on beans. (oh, and I teach English)

lime - I'm fine with the soup and casserole thing. things that should touch....should.

flash - ::sigh:: you're 29....of course....ummmmm, so......when's your birthday!?!?!?!

lecram sinun said...

Of course you check out my butt! ;)

airplanejayne said...

lecram -- hey, I gotta look now, 'cause your ass is probably only got 5 years before it's sagging down to your knees....