Thursday, December 13, 2007

What My Friends Said in 2007

In years past, I think I've shared my favorite posts. This year, I think I would like to share some of my favorite comments from all my bloggy buddies.

I had a not-so-gentlemanly gentleman caller at the beginning of the year. This led to many offers of help and assistance.....including my favorite groper/stalker, Mintz:

all I can picture now is you as Kelly McGillis in Witness. Disrobing. Just for me. Except you aren't gay. And I'm definitely no Harrison Ford. But I have 2 1/2 bathrooms for your use.

My connotation/denotation lesson on Urge and Desire included one of the shortest responses from the oh-so-long-winded-but-appreciated SGL:

..urge has hair on it.(and will break down the door.) ...desire wears cologne.(and calls for you to open.)

March, of course, found me being Rogued....and Rogued well, I might add. Giving thanks and recognition (where due, of course), brought this challenge(?) from my favorite troubadour of dark pop:

And then what does one do with the lion tamer's pants off......?!
Oh ok, I'll leave that one to you APJ........

And now we break for station-identification....and because I've just got to give myself a timeout and go to the store, do you mind!?!?!?

April showers found me questioning my sexuality -- but happily discovering that yes, we have and like....bananas. My unconfined friend, shared this:
Holy cats! I'm more gay than you!cheezwhiz.I'm 36% gay.It was the masturbation question, wasn't it? I should have answered that differently.... GUILT! OH, the SHAME...

July found me respinning a Princess Erynn tale, after which Lime effused,
you DO tell the best stories!

August saw me sharing the saving of APjayne, prompting this Lecram gem,
Yeah... those voices in the wilderness are the ones that often count the loudest. Wonderful count!

September found me grateful, and this posted:
If "Thank You" was the only prayer one knew, it would be enough.Bestest, Kien

September also found me looking for a hot handyman to...err....nail with. My....mastery of powertools led kfarmer to extoll:
Woman, you ain't scared of nuthing~I adore your sense of adventure and you of course :)

October found me lost in the rapture of tandem shopping... Of course, that dyslexic color-blind foreigner couldn't help himself
I see... said the blind man as he was picking your pocket.

In November, I was waxing on and on about me-me-me-me
So, of course, I got this from my favorite groper (because the restraining order expired)
Awesome, the best, amazing WHOO!I've orgasmed just from your amazing responses.Great Job, Missy!And who should you feel up? Kien Lim. Two by Four first, then go for it.

Marc Jacobs stomped all over December, which led to this from my favorite two-legged horse,
IF...a single article of clothing could completely, and utterly, describe an individual to their very core..these boots are APJ.They have, is some part, inspired a bit I wrote about dear APJ, and have (I have on good authority) rended heart from mind for a few poor souls whom glanced upon said footwear, and the red-headed firebrand stacked inside them.These are not mere boots, but a clear challenge to all testosterone-bearing beings within view..are you up to the task? Well, are you punk??I close with an admonition, specifically to you stalwarts that are now counting the moments until you warned, there are many a fellow about, licking his wounds for failing to come up to the task with our dear APJ..she is precious and deserves much, and if you think yourself up to the task, then harden yourself (stop that APJ..your interupting my literary flow) and step into the ring. We shall judge your worth...
It has been a wonderful year, thanks to all my wonderful bloggy friends. Happy Holidays!


mintzworks said...

I'm SO glad to be your #1 groper!!!

oooooh, and you are SO fun to grope.

lime said...

LOL, i must say i think SGL gets my vote for the funniest comment!

looking forward to another wonderful year of reading my airplane jumping, pole dancing soul sistah!

Diesel said...

The "Witness" comment reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday. Somebody at work was saying that the different departments tended to work "in silos." The guy next to me said, "What's wrong with that? I like working in a silo." And I said, "You mean like that guy at the end of Witness?"

Maybe it's funnier if you don't know the punchline going in.

KFarmer said...

My, my how time do fly~ like pretty apj sailing through the sky :)

What a year.. here's to another! Salute :)

airplanejayne said...

mintzy - restraining order has been refiled. Kindly remove your hand...

lime - I agree. 'though it reminds me of the old "Land shark" routine from SNL

diesel - haha! (yes, I pretended that I didn't know the punchline...) btw, thanks for coming to visit me!

kfarmer - thanks sweetie! Here's to next year being better than this one.

Dan said...

Thanks for being out there in blogland this year Jayne. It was fun, huh?

smarmoofus said...

What a neat concept for a post! A year-end wrap-up. I hope to have enough memories of my blogging friends this time next year to do the same.

Oh, and (sorry for this *ducks*)... Tag!