Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No more boogieman

So, my spiritual advisor (the ordained one, not Lecram --although lecram is the one who suggested I call a priest) came out to the ranchette yesterday. We started in my room with holy oil and water. Pooh-pooh and pashaw what you will; both of us felt something there, something definitely not-ever-human, and definitely-not-nice. As we moved through the room, I felt it leave. My room is now back to being my restful sanctuary. Amen

I do not share my bed with many
-gawd, that line is so truthful, sad, and funny all at the same time

-but because of your love, thoughts, and prayers, I wanted to show you where I finally got to sleep after a week on the couch.


lime said...

glad to hear it. very glad indeed.

lecram said...

"Get out... boogie, oogie man... get out..."

airplanejayne said...

lime - me too

lecram - hmmm...disco! yes!! I will work disco into the eulogy too! Thanks!