Monday, June 02, 2008

Superman Steve!


For some of you, this was your introduction, for others it was this, but either way, by now, most of you have either met him or heard me rant about Steve.

I met Steve a million years ago, when I was still married to Voldemort. He rented an L.A. apartment a few doors down from my good friend Edwina. I remember the first time I saw him saunter past her doorway.
"Holy Cow, Edwina! Who the hell is that?"
"A.P. the J., that is Steven -- omigawd, I can't remember his last name. Begins with a "K." Charming lad, didn't even seem to mind the pink underwear."

-Let me explain: Edwina was in-between shops for her business at the time -- and so had resigned herself to dyeing using the apartment's facilities. And I guess the washer didn't get rinsed out as well as it should have been.....
But Steve didn't seem to bat an eye about the pink chonies.
Or any other malady we inflicted on him.
-He was our never-complaining straight date to big Hollywood dodahs, dancing up a storm at a moments notice (he even owned his own tux).
-He would offer (and follow through, thankyouverymuch) to come down/over and cook breakfast the morning after latenight drinkings.

and my personal favorite:
Edwina and I had been up 30+ hours, planning a high school graduation for her daughter, and a Disneyland trip for her (Edwina's) birthday. We were all having a blast at Disneyland, and Steven tried to bid us adieu, saying he was going to drop the relative(s) off at the airport and go home to bed.
"Listen, whippersnapper!" I challenged, "We're older than you. And we've been up longer! If you are any kind of man, you'll come back and find us."

Yes, yes, you are right: a challenge issued by APj is not to be taken lightly. And he didn't. Not only did he return, but he found us, and we rode Space Mountain!

ummm...that is not a euphemism of any kind. it's not like that.

Steve has kinda been my Obi-Wan, my older brother (even though he is younger). After my divorce, he and Kajsa (his more-beautiful-half) cheered me up often. He came to perform at Rogue 2005, and through him I met and became a part of the Rogue and my fellow Roguers. Along the way, he has done his best life, by....making "introductions. Okay, yes, I say "introductions" you say, "pimping." B.F.D. Some were not so successful, others....more so.

So why this homage to Steve? No, no, don't worry, he is not dying of some horrible, fatal disease (although the thought has crossed my mind). Nope, nothing as permanent as that. But Steve, Kajsa, and their beautiful daughter, Anja are moving to Sweden. It is "going home" trip for Kajsa, and the beginning of a "new adventure" for Steven. And for me? I am so happy for them to be able to make this move, but I am going to miss them. I would feel sad......but they have promised to find me another Swedish Sailor. Perhaps this time I'll know what to do with one....


Flash said...

Steve looks like a fun loving guy!

lecram said...

Damn... now I'll have to finish his site... which I'm doing today.

lime said...

a fun, thoughtful guy, who looks fine in a kilt and is obviously a great friend. nice to meet you, steve. if i were apj i'd be wailing and gnashing teeth at the impending departure. but wishing you well.

airplanejayne said...

flash - Yes, he is!

lecram - you gotta work. shit. sorry, man.

lime - yes, he is a great friend. And yes, I am wailing and gnashing...but in a good way. I really am excited for them to have this opportunity.

KFarmer said...

Gosh, apj~ I know you are gonna miss Steve :( Sounds like a real fun luving guy.

I know he does not know me but please give him and his honey my best wishes for a wonderful journey and an exciting adventure!

I'm w/Lime, I'd be bawling in my beer~

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the Rogue will EVER be the same!!! Steve, happy trails my friend and Happy new Adventures!

APJ, when you need the girlie chocolate fest, call me... I'll bring over 27 Dresses and we'll wear pretty shoes! ;)