Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013 Seasons of Love Day Two: Heather Price

You and I started teaching at Wawona in 2005.  I felt an immediate kinship with you on many levels – personality, faith, and theater.
I have so many memories of us – sitting in our classroom(s) during lunch talking about the three “g’s”: God, goals, guys.    You always listened to me, guided me, and supported me.  You always stuck up for and with me – no matter what ridiculous things I talked you into doing for Wawona Rallies: Supertwins, IronMan Women (with eyelashes and lipstick) Beyonce&Elvis, and Sumo Wrestlers.

Do you remember when we went to Disneyland – and we took Erynn?  Seven years later, she STILL talks about you running into the trash cans.  I close my eyes, and I see the three of us RUNNING through Disneyland, and cracking up.  You, my dear friend, are funny. I think you’re finally beginning to realize the amazing comedic timing you have both ON and off the stage.
This year took me to a new school – and I miss you daily.  As busy as we both are, it would be easy for us to lose track of each other.  But I know we won’t allow that to happen…right?

You are awesome.  You are an incredible teacher, a role model (for both your students AND your peers), and a phenomenal friend.  I have been blessed to have you in my life – and I know that that blessing will continue.

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lime said...

oh i hope i can find a kindred soul at my new glad you had one.