Sunday, July 30, 2006

All that matters now is Jayne… what Jayne wants, what Jayne needs

While trapsing about Blogland, I stumbled upon this at TME’s site. Also – thomcat has written some hot stuff on TME's site as well...
-- I went to the store at least twice, and have printed it out for future store runs

The Internet seems to have the answer for just about everything. You simply use a search engine and type in what you’re looking for. “Eureka!” I thought, “I’ll ask Google what it is that I need.” So I went to Google, typed in '(real name used) needs”

The title for this post was one of the first solutions! Isn't that similar "It's All About Me?" Hmmmm....I may be on to something.......what's next--

APj needs a plan
Duh! That’s not much help. Isn’t that why we’re trying this Google thing?

APj needs date
Okay – Google is starting to sound like my entire Rogue bunch. Lecram’s even threatening to find a P.F. don’t ask….

APj needs to check in before I send Bond out to find her
Which Bond are you sending!?!?!?!? Forget that, I really don’t care which one you send. Although, Lelly will get awfully angry if I do Daniel Craig. Hmmmmm…..just call me Moneypenny!

APj needs to go man
Actually….I think this was a typo. I think it should be “APj needs a go-to man.” ‘Nuff said.

APj is a dog
I think this is just a polite way of saying, “APj is a bitch.” … say “bitch” like it’s a bad thing…..

APj needs a good smack
…and her hair pulled too!

APj needs to learn some manners
Fuck you. Oh….did I say that aloud? Sorry. Asshole.

APj needs some appreciation
Yeah, damnit! On your knees! Oh…what’s that? That’s worship? Okay! Works for me!

APj needs to be sedated
20-20-20-4 hours a day!” Ya’ gotta love the Ramones…..(even though I used to think they were singing, “20-20-20-4 hours a day! I want a piece of Katy”)

APj is unable to function
This is not necessarily true. She may be rusty…..but we think that all battlestations are go.

APj, Please...the east coast needs you
Hey – they had their chance…..

BUT we need to get APj out

Okay, okay!! Kinda beating a dead horse, aren’t ya?

.....and finally......

If I were alone in a room with APj , I would _____.
Don’t cha’ just luv audience participation?


lecram sinun said...

So, my last installment threw you for a loop, huh... and you had to find some other source to go to the store? (It's OK... that one threw me for a loop too... who the fuck is writing this shit???)

airplanejayne said...

Lecram -
any trip to the store is a good trip.....regardless of the source.

Jade Ed and I went to the store at the same time today while watching Colin Farrell.....

jade ed girl said...

AND- I pulled Apj's hair!! :)

lime said...

oooh i did this a long time ago but have considered re-doing it.... fun read. may all you needs be fulfilled.

if i were alone in a room with APJ I'd practice pole dancing with her and ask her for tips on jumping out of planes....all that of course, after we plot the overthrow of Fresno and the Poconos.

Mustang said...

Alone with APJ..sorry kiddo..that sort of giant, silver-backed gorilla stuff is reserved for just one!

But I would be supportive, encouraging, listen well, not try and solve the problem, have plenty of Kleenex (and booze) and be a good pal!


Mintzworks said...


But so am I...and who wouldn't be after your little 'pull my hair' comment.


airplanejayne said...

Lime - I'll set up pole dancing classes for next March during the Rogue. Bribe, bribe, tempt, tempt.

Mustang - I'm glad you'll at least be in the room for a chat. Perhaps soon, cloning will not be illegal...

Mintz -- quit stating the obvious....