Thursday, July 20, 2006


I loved how well I was done by all…..nasty as it sounds. Sometimes it’s fun to see the differences between how you view yourself, and how others view you. So, for your entertainment and enjoyment…..

I will do myself:

Dominant top who finds herself
transitioning into Intuitive follower
Social loner in jeans with killer shoes (bare toes)
Cute overlyplayfull kitten planning
Hiding the TenderTeddy under warm flannel sheets
Vanilla talkative on the outside, dreamy sexy hidden insideWindow shopping on vodka
For the nerd with brawn. But with enough common sense to always choose brain over brawn

Okay, my friends. Thanks for allowing me a few narcissitic days.


lime said...

woohoo! i like how you did yourself. it's always very telling when someone does just that. i dunno if i will post the meme or not, so whatever works for you.

lecram sinun said...

Ahhhh! She's doing herself! ::running away, arms flailing in the air screaming::

airplanejayne said...

and running like Phoebe in that Friends episode!

lime said...

ok, 'doin myself'

cute as a spontaneous puppy
tender as a teddy bear in flannel sheets
let me wear jeans and go barefoot and then we can take a hike where sometimes i lead and other times i follow because i'm alternately submissive and dominant. when we get back we'll do tequila shots. i may be vanilla but be aware i dream of the top because to me that's damn sexy. and although i'm logical when alone i'm intuitive socially. even though i'm a brainy nerd i try to let common sense be the rule.

thanks for 'doin me.' it was good for me. was it good for you? hehehehe

airplanejayne said...

shhh.....don't let Lecram know that you're doing yourself....He'll accuse you of running like Phoebe also!

scarysquirrelman said...

was this with or without the "friend" in your drawer?

airplanejayne said...

Totally Solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and no....before you even start.....not Han Solo either.....)

KFarmer said...

this is too damn funny- Good one APJ! LOL! Thanks for the morning laugh :)

lime said...

lol, but i like how phoebe runs. and i probably look sorta like that even without trying.

flailing and screaming....AAAAIIIIEEEE.....

(i sing as well as phoebe and play guitar even worse..smelly caaaat....)

lime said...

oh, btw...special bonus for you on my post today , lol