Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday 55

Okay....I know that I'm early -- but I don't want to forget....or, truth be told, chicken out on posting this. So--here it is:

Your breath makes my lips wet,
With no regret
I close my eyes,
calm my knees and thighs
buckling and threatening to leave me
in a puddle of sighs.

Catching me catching mine,
Your eyes smile
--real or crocodile?
I'm not sure, but don't really care
Feeling Savior Faire
I dive into the deep end.

APj 11/07


S said...

Oh that was just so cool! I am so glad you decided to post it. Lovely.

Have a great weekend!

lime said...

oooo, very evocative and provocative. very nicely done. and love the picture youfound to go with it too.

lecram said...

I agree... nicely done.

Anonymous said...


airplanejayne said...

s - thanks! I think I'm gonna keep trying this.

lime - I thought the pic was perfect also.

lecram - thanks -- even though you gave me a bad time.

kien - yes.

lecram said...

Someone has to. ;)

BTW... now that you've got "that" over with... time to call the moving van and inhabit your new place.

airplanejayne said...

lecram - I hate moving. I moved too much growing up. I need you to pack the boxes and move me. seriously.

Akelamalu said...

I love this 55!