Saturday, November 17, 2007

I like Dreaming....

Okay - most of you know I've got a very ACTIVE dream life. Hey, the day-to-day APj can be a be mundane (with the occasional earthquake)...

I have dreams of finding rooms....finding potties.....finding potty rooms. Which is strange, but the dream I had the other night!?!?!? DOOZIE!

I'm sitting out back in Marcel's room--
-That's not the doozie part -- that's actually very normal. And he's got it pretty cleaned out now -- so there really is a place to sit
- anyhoo, we're sitting there talking and chatting, Marcel, myself, and my friend Linda. I realize that Marcel and Linda are flirting with each other (yes, I can always see it when it doesn't involve me) and I'm thinking, "That would be odd. Wait until she sees that he has seven toes on his left foot."
-Strange part #1. Marcel's left foot has the normal number of toes.
--but we're talking, and Marcel stands up to pour another round of Absinthe
-that's not strange -- that's typical
-when his toga flies open. Yes, I said his toga! There with all his bizniz on viewing to the world! I pull his toga back down, but it continues to flap open!
::knock knock::
"Oh!" says Marcel, springing up to answer the door, "that must be the neighbor with my new sheets."
--okay, kinda strange, but wait, it gets worse.
As he crosses the floor, (toga flapping open and me frantically trying to keep him covered), and opens the door, who is there?
--one of my students. in a toga. that keeps flapping open, exposing his bizniz.

Lordy, lordy! Now I've two togas to keep down.
So they get the sheets changed, with much exposure in the student leaves (thank God), and so does Linda.
::knock knock::
Worried that it may be my student again.....I look to Marcel questioningly.
"Oh," Marcel reassures, "it's probably the pizza."
And it is the pizza, delivered by the hottest buff and bald delivery guy I've seen.
"APj!" Marcel enthuses, "this is my friend sh$tk!?" *Damn! This guy's name is the only detail I don't remember from the dream...
"Nice to meet you, " I say to him. "Have we met before? You look familar."
Mr. Clean begins, "I don't think we've-"
"Apj," interjects Marcel, "sh$tk!? used to play Vinne Babarino's little brother on Kotter."
--yes, yes, that is strange #2. Vinnie didn't have no little bro.
So we're sitting around Marcel's place, eating stuffed crust pizza, Mr. Clean making goo-goo eyes at APj,Apj worrying about Marcel's toga, and Marcel mixing more deadly drinks, when Marcel utters the words that spring me awake:
"Hey, why don't we smoke a bowl?"

SMOKE A BOWL!?!?!?!? I haven't heard that phrase in 20 years!!! I woke up cracking up.

Here's a copy of the email letter I wrote the next day:

I am exhausted -- you kept me up way too late last night! I mean, having pizza (stuffed crust, no less) delivered at midnight was one thing, but getting me to "smoke a bowl" at 2 am!?!?!? My god, man! What are you trying to do to me?
Nope -- it wasn't that.
Although it was odd that you were hitting on my friend, Linda, while you were wrapped in a towel. And now, in hindsight, it is even stranger that an ex-student of mine was wandering around outside wrapped in a towel....
But thanks so much for introducing me to your friend. I didn't know you knew the guy who played Vinnie Babarino's brother --heck, I didn't even remember that he had a brother! I'm not normally attracted to bald men -- but he was very handsome. I hope he calls.
Okay -- I've got to go back to teaching.....but I've got a horrible case of the munchies!


lime said...

LMAO!! what is it about dreaming of bloggers wandering around in towels lately?? last week i dreamed of a guy on my blog roll having a party at his house and walking around in a towel (and wet uncombed hair, fresh from shower). there was also an issue with his bed...hie whole apartment was only as wide as his bed. bicoastal dreamy weirdness i tell you...

Katie :) said...

Okay I have a great explanation for all of this.....

you were watching tv this past week, no?

Pizza Hut commercials and Mr. Clean commercials are in abundance, and Animal House has been on recently too......

that is quite entertaining! :)

lecram said...

the one line reply to your e-mail would have put it all in perspective.

REMINDER: You still need to move.

airplanejayne said...

lime - bed as big as the apartment!?!? hmmm...

katie - I want Mr. Clean.

lecram - I do! I do! I do want a drink!
On the other: I'm afraid I lose boxes, so please move me, and I'll buy you a drink!